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Jane then wanders into camp holding a freshly-caught fish. She wants to make sure everyone knows it, too, and has apparently created a "fish dance" to do in front of the group to mark the occasion. "Fish dance, kiss my ass," Marty mutters, much to Jud and Ben's amusement. Yes, he still hates Jane's guts and doesn't understand why no one else can see how dangerous she is with her connections to all the young people. He takes Brenda for a walk to try to explain how this game should work to her, saying the farther Jane goes, the more dangerous she is until she's in the Finals getting every single vote because she's so popular and needs the money because of her very sad backstory. That's true, but I'm sure Brenda is well aware of it and sees what Marty is doing right now for the scrambling to save his own ass it really is. Brenda says that all Marty is doing is convincing her that he's a dangerous player who needs to go as soon as possible. And yet, even though she's had two opportunities to get rid of him, she hasn't. So, shut up, Brenda.

Immunity challenge time! Probst unveils the new necklaces, which are covered in doubloons with a bejeweled golden cross in the middle. Oh, and yes, there are two necklaces, since this is going to be an endurance challenge with the man and woman who outlast the rest both winning. For this challenge, contestants will have to use metal handles with loops on the end to hold up an iron bar by pulling the handles away from the center of their bodies to create tension. If they get tired or lose concentration, the bar will slip through the loops, drop, and break a tile on the ground, knocking them out of the competition. The contestants lift up their bars (though not without some difficulty, DAN) and the challenge begins. The other Kelly is stupid, weak, and useless, so she drops her bar almost immediately. Dan follows suit. How can he blame that failure on his bad knee? I'm sure he'll find a way. Alina seems to lose her concentration and drops her bar next. She's pissed because she knows she may well have just lost the game for herself. Brenda and Ben are the next to go, followed by Sash and then NaOnka. This leaves Jane and Holly for the women and Marty, Jud, and Chase, for the men. Go old ladies! Ah, but Holly starts to struggle. As Jane calmly looks on, Holly's bar falls and shatters the tile. Jane wins, and Probst tells her she can go ahead and drop the bar. Jane says she'd rather see if she can beat the guys, too. "Go for it!" Probst says, absolutely loving Jane right now. "She's a North Carolina girl, Jeff," Chase says, thus giving Brenda something to think about regarding what Marty told her earlier. Not that it'll matter, since these people are crazy and make ridiculous decisions.

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