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Then it's Marty's turn to struggle. As Jane looks on happily, his bar falls and breaks the tile. This pleases Jane and Brenda. Probst takes a second to point out that Jane, the oldest contestant left in the game, has beaten out everyone but two young strong guys. Make that one -- Chase suddenly loses his concentration and his bar falls. Probst declares Jud to be the winner of the men's immunity and he releases his bar. Jane then releases hers, but won't do it over her tile because she doesn't want to break it after all that. They should totally keep that tile, frame it, and give it to Jane to keep forever until she accidentally shatters it with random shotgun fire. That was pretty spectacular, albeit not the most strategic move on Jane's part, as it just clearly and very publicly shows her to be that much more of a threat. Probst gives Jud and Jane their necklaces and says he'll see everyone at Tribal. With that, Jane decides that giving Jud a straddle-hug is appropriate. A 56-year-old woman in a bikini just basically mounted the 22-year-old. He must be having some very confused feelings right now.

The tribe returns to camp, and Jane calls all the young women together to embrace her and celebrate her victory. She mutters that she "only wanted to beat Marty," and then Holly wanders in to be included in a second ladies hug/strategy huddle, as Jane then mutters that Marty is her "number one choice" to go tonight. Jane interviews that her entire goal was to beat Marty in a challenge and show him that she is better than him. Guys, Jane's hate for Marty is kind of getting annoying. On the beach, the other Kelly "strategizes" with Jane and Alina that they can get all the girls "and Sash" together to vote for Marty tonight. Alina then suggests that they tell Marty they're voting for NaOnka and Alina in order to blindside him. But Alina isn't totally naïve -- she interviews that she's well aware of how much she needed to win immunity today and has to hope that Jane's hatred of Marty will be enough to convince her allies to vote for Marty tonight instead of Alina. She says she's just going to "lay low" and hope Marty stirs up some drama and puts the spotlight on himself. Meanwhile, Chase has very strong desires to get rid of Alina ASAP, saying that if they decide to get rid of Marty tonight, they "have" to get rid of Alina next. Holly agrees. But Jane thinks Marty is "demoralizing" their entire camp and thus should go first. Okay, but it isn't demoralizing when NaOnka steals and eats all the food? Please. Jane thinks she has seven people voting for Marty with her, but NaOnka says she knows that Sash wants to vote for Alina. NaOnka interviews that Jane wants Marty out so bad that she's going to write his name down tonight no matter what. Yes, putting personal grudges before your alliance's plan and showing all contestants that you are capable of beating the men in individual immunity challenges are really good ways to advance yourself in this game, Jane.

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