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Remember When Everyone Wasn't Dumb That One Time?

Next, Sundra is asked why her group managed to stick together where others might have fallen apart. Showing off a giant head of hair that's extremely flattering and helps her look in general like a million bucks worth of glam, Sundra essentially credits the individuals in the group, saying that they just happened to have exactly the right combination of people. She unfortunately feels the need to mention playing with integrity, which I could have lived without, but I think the general point that it worked because of the four particular people who were involved is probably well taken.

Jeff asks Yul about getting Jonathan to flip back over, and teases him about the fact that he was doing a lot of probability talk during the game, constantly evaluating the mathematical probabilities of various things happening. You can always kind of tell when, on the one hand, Jeff feels obligated to praise a particular quality, while on the other hand, he's envious of it and makes fun of it with feigned generosity as a result. That's kind of what he's doing here, treating the evaluation of probabilities as a really weird thing for a contestant in a game show to engage in. Instead of, you know, the single most important thing for a rational player to do. I've kind of said this about Yul, and I've said similar things before, but to me, one of the things that makes a good Survivor player is acceptance of risk, in the sense that you can't constantly play as if you can definitely avoid losing. It's sort of what Probst means about big moves, but it isn't always flashy moves. It's exactly the playing of probabilities, and this group did it really well. Think about that time on Palau where Tom and Ian were willing to draw rocks if they needed to in order to boot Gregg before he came after them. The acceptance of that risk made it possible for them to avoid disaster. If you aren't willing to risk anything, you don't have any cards to play, really. By approaching Jonathan to flip and revealing that he had the idol, Yul risked having Jonathan tell Raro that he had it, which wasn't what he wanted at all at that moment. Bad players are frozen by that knowledge, and they remain inactive as if inactivity carries no risk, when in fact, it carries enormous risk. You have to be good at weighing the risk of doing something against the risk of doing nothing, and most people are only good at weighing the risks of doing various things, and if all those risks are identifiable, then they don't do anything. Ask Pagong how that turns out, generally.

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