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Countdown or Smackdown?

Alicia from the Outback says that first impressions are everything. As if we didn't hear that the first time a variety of Survivors made that claim. Rudy tells us that staying off the radar is the only way to survive. Funny, I would never call Rudy, Rich, or Sue "off the radar," and they made it all the way to the end. It's like these people are talking about how they think the game should be, but not how it actually is. Kelly says that you don't want to stand out as a leader because if people don't like you, you're screwed. This is followed by Debb clips. Jeff says he thought anyone who acted like Rich in the second season was going to be a target. I didn't like Debb, but I didn't particularly think she acted like Richard. For one thing, she didn't climb any trees. Rodger tells us there's a time to talk, to listen, and to keep your mouth shut. Two of those things seem like the same thing to me. Alicia says that Debb made it very obvious that she was going to try to take control of the Kucha tribe; Jeff says Debb "offered herself up" and "needed to go." In a confessional, Debb tells us that "one person" in the group was ordering everyone around. I don't think she's aware that "one person" was named Debb. We see a clip of Debb calling Rodger "Green Hat." The nerve! Rodger says that he knew Debb was digging her own grave. As opposed to Buffy, who had to dig herself out.

It's now time to meet four of the new contestants: Silas Gaither is a twenty-three-year-old bartender from Germantown, Tennessee. In his confessional, he says he's a family man, and that he plans to support his wife and kids. He then insists that he's politically correct and that if his wife wants to work, she has his permission. Carl Bilancione is a forty-six-year-old dentist from Winter Spring, Florida. I think he used this same tape to audition as an extra on The Sopranos. He tells us he's not "your typical dentist," because he's not fat, bald-headed, and divorced. He's run six marathons; I wonder if any of them were in the past two decades. Tom Hanks could have used this guy in Cast Away, but I'm not sure how helpful his dental skills will be in Africa. Next we meet Jessie Camacho, a twenty-seven-year-old Deputy Sheriff from Orlando. She does push-ups as she tells us she'll win because she's a female Puerto Rican and "the heat, the rice...bring it on!" Bring on Jennifer Lopez, too, because I want to see if I can tell them apart. Tom Buchanan is the last we meet for now. He's forty-six, and a farmer from Rich Valley, Virginia. He rides his tractor and calls to his dogs, telling them they're "gonna be a star." That's cute, but I've since seen the first episode. Also, two words: raccoon dick.

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