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Chicks, Hicks, Dicks, and Tricks

We then see a shot of Rich doing the Proud Peacock Strut down the beach. As the group hangs out, Rich condescendingly announces that he was "bombarded," and that "a little alliance tried to attack Richie on my birthday." Gervase tells us from the hammock that Rich was very close to leaving during the Tribal Council, and that he had a difficult time accepting it. In a weird moment, Gervase says to the camera, "Rich even thinks I, uh, formed an alliance against him last night, which I didn't," so either Rich is standing two feet away or else Gervase is onto a sneaky camera guy who Richard bribes for inside information with leftover ray scraps.

Back in the group, we see Rich kidding with the others, but we really know he's threatening to stop providing fish because of the prior night's vote. Rich then explains to us that his fishing is strategic and he'll wait to get fish until more people are gone, and even then he'll limit it. We then see him telling the same thing to Sue, which was good, because while he was saying it the first time, I was definitely hoping I'd get to hear him say the same damn thing again. They then part with very Pagong-like tidings, "enjoy your days," and "be carefuls," and "buh-byes." Sue tells us she doesn't blame Rich because there are "a lot of mouths to feed and they don't appreciate it." As Rich pokes around underwater, we get the same exact shot as a couple weeks ago with two orange fish in some coral, and his voiceover tells us that catching fish is an analogy for "picking off the tribesmembers one by one." He proudly tells us, "I've been stalking them since before we got on the island." As we see him spearing yet another ray, his voiceover says, "Bye-bye baby," and there's just no way to know what this is a response to -- it could be his final comment to Sue as they amicably parted earlier.

Back at camp, Sue says that Colleen and Gervase are "backstabbers" because they voted for Rich but still chow down on the food he provides. Sue is being portrayed here as particularly nasty; we see her picking food out of her teeth with her tongue, then belching very loudly and looking from side to side as she tells Rudy, "Good rice." In a confessional she says, "My strategy all along has been to play the role of the dumb redneck," a comment accompanied by another burping shot, to which Rich responds, "There you go, Suzie-Q." She continues with, "People, like, think rednecks are so vulnerable. And dumb. That they'll talk to 'em. Openly. Like Rich did. [Cackle. Cackle.] You know how he's gonna burn everybody." We then see yet another shot of Richard's plotting face, and either they're using them all up here or else Rich did a godawful lot of plotting. Or maybe that's his natural expression. I just noticed that Sue has expensive-looking teeth. She says, "Hopefully in the end the old redneck will burn the city slicker," and seems to find all of this very amusing.

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