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Chicks, Hicks, Dicks, and Tricks

Back at camp, Rich tells Sue that they seriously lucked out by not being placed in Pagong. He says he could never have built alliances there; Sue uses her favorite word, "flaky," and adds that even Kelly, who she'll never "burn," is "even a little flaky at moments." In a clip we've heard before, Rich says, "For twenty-two, she's amazing." Kelly does a conscience walk down the beach, and her voiceover tells us that the experience is not what she expected. She says, "It's not surviving the elements, it's surviving yourself," and adds that she didn't want to join the alliance because she thought it was "conniving and dirty and untrue to [her]self." But that didn't stop her while she was benefiting from it. Gervase tells his from his hammock that Kelly was "strong-armed" into joining, and that's it affected her "personally like a tug of war." We then cut back to Kelly, who tells us, "It's not worth it to feel like shit for the rest of your life. For a little bit of money and your fifteen minutes." If she thinks one million dollars is "little bit of money," why ever did she steal a credit card to buy a fifteen-dollar tank of gas? As she walks down the beach with snorkel gear, she says she feels like Luke Skywalker and that she "crossed over to the dark side for a moment." I think she means Darth Vader. Or maybe she means that character played by Billy Dee Williams, who betrayed Luke and Leia when they landed on his cloud planet. ["Lando Calrissian." -- Sars] In any case, we know what she means, even if it sounds like a load of bull to me.

We then see that all during the voice-over, she's been walking towards Rich, who is going to teach her how to snorkel. She tells us that making a deal with Rich is like making a deal with the devil, but that she decided a long time ago that she wasn't a part of the alliance. She can say she's not part of the alliance as much as she wants, but as long as she votes the way the alliance wants her to, she's still their puppet. We then see Rich and Kelly interacting by the water hole, and Rich tells Kelly she's seemed down lately. We're not sure when this is occurring, though. Kelly wonders in a confessional whether she should "roll over and let Rich decide how it's all gonna play out, or do I try to beat him at his own damn game?"

It appears that Sean is eating an exotic Pulau Tiga apple as he walks toward the treemail with Colleen. Except he's kind of holding it out in front of him like it's hot or prickly or something. Colleen tells us it's difficult for her to talk to Kelly about alliances, because she's not sure where Kelly's loyalties really lie. As they retrieve the immunity challenge clue, we see that it is attached to one of those backyard tiki torches. You'd really think they could do better. Rich raps the clue aloud, and I cover my ears and Piglet's ears as well.

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