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Kalabaw is coming out now that the rain has stopped. Penner interviews that when the sun finally comes out, it's beautiful, and they all immediately get to work. Dawson starts a fire and asks Jeff Kent if it's big enough. For some reason, Jeff Kent gets really annoyed by that and gives an interview where he talks about all the young people on his tribe and how they don't know how to represent themselves in a professional manner. You know, like using four-fingered handshakes as opposed to five. Jeff Kent is also being won over by Penner, who seems professional. Must be the three-piece bathing suit he's wearing.

The men of Kalabaw (Penner, Jeff Kent and the skinny blond kid with a Presidential name -- Ford? Lincoln? No, Carter) take the boat out to dig clams. Jeff Kent interviews that he didn't want a veteran to win, but now that Penner has the Idol, Jeff Kent has to revise his game plan. Jeff Kent and Penner make an official alliance and then bring Clueless Carter in on it. Jeff Kent and Penner shake hands and I notice that Jeff Kent uses the full five fingers this time. That is PROFESSIONAL. Penner talks to Carter, who is so soft-spoken and mumbly that they have to caption his speeches. I don't think Carter is all that bright, either. And he looks like he's fourteen. Maybe he's a good swimmer? Not sure how he got cast.

Meanwhile, the women of Kalabaw (Dana, Dawson and Katie the Invisible) are talking about how the men seem to be bonding and making an alliance. Dana suggests that they stick together and, after the merge, they try to gather more women. Dana doesn't think they need the men, because she can start a fire and kill a chicken. Dana interviews that she thinks women naturally gravitate together, and while men think in terms of what they can physically offer a tribe, women are better at the social game. I don't have the energy to create a spreadsheet right now of every cast member on this show and their physical game versus social game, but instinct tells me that the best players have a combination of both. That said, I think social game trumps physical if you can only have one or the other, because if everyone hates you and you lose one challenge, you're going home.

Russell is being annoying around camp, talking about how he's the victim of being on a bad tribe and whatnot. Malcolm interviews that he sized Russell up early on and Russell has done nothing to change that opinion; Russell lacks self-awareness and is only there because they keep losing and needed to hold onto muscular guys. Russell interviews that neither Malcolm nor Denise has talked to him about their plans if they do end up going back to Tribal Council, which makes him nervous.

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