Crocs, Cowboys And City Slickers

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Go, Go, Golden Boy

Jeff asks Farmer Beavis about the social aspect. Does he see that changing? Farmer Beavis says yes, and that he's gotten to know and like some people better than others. Blake fails to grasp the irony. Jeff asks Gary about the way the tribes came together, and Gary says that it was scary at first with the numbers against him. Asked whether it's like two groups or one tribe, Amy says that, to her, it's one group and one tribe, and this is her loyalty. But she acknowledges the disadvantage she's at. Blake, on the other hand, admits that he still feels his old tribe bonds. Jeff asks Brian what he thinks is needed to keep old lines from dictating the vote, and Brian basically says that he hopes they don't operate that way because you should get to know people and so forth. Which is kind of silly, because that's not a good argument at all. In any event, he says that if he's voted off, he'll be "a victim of a minority." But he doesn't mean it that way.

Bobby Jon goes on about how they've all worked hard to get here, voting somebody off is always difficult, and on and on. He wishes he could keep everyone's dream alive. Barf. Bobby Jon votes. Brian votes, rather revoltingly intoning, "You may be the Golden Boy, but I'm platinum." Yuck. Okay, now he's eighteen. Brandon votes for Brian. Amy votes. Gary votes for Blake. Blake votes for Brian, just saying he's the weakest of the Yaxha members. I kind of wanted him to say, "You may be platinum, but I'm gold. Or...silver. Wait, how much does titanium cost?" Danni hesitates, and then votes. "B..."

Jeff brings back the votes. One for Blake. One for Brian. Another for Brian. Another for Blake. And...another for Blake. To my complete and utter shock, Jeff's next words are, "Fifth person voted..." Because it's Blake. It's BLAKE. Are you kidding me? And does that mean that Danni and somebody else flipped? Meaning Bobby Jon, since we saw Farmer Beavis vote? That never actually happens! It's always a fake-out! Ooooh, Burnett, you are a slippery one. Blake gets up and leaves, and Brian tries to keep himself from breaking into a grin, not that he doesn't completely deserve one, considering how down and out he looked to be. Jeff calls it a "big shift," and he sends them home. I have to agree with Wing Chun that Jeff really needs to stop trying to be pithy. He doesn't have it in him.

Over the credits, we learn that indeed, Bobby Jon and Danni both voted for Blake. And that Blake is completely shocked to be eliminated. Makes no sense! How could they? Would you like to hear about his girlfriend's boobs?

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