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And then we watch as Danni, I believe, gives an out-loud prayer before the tribe eats. Brian bows his head compliantly. He interviews that the tribe is "very religious," always praying before meals and whatnot: "We say grace before every meal, we pray before every challenge, we thank Jesus for everything." He explains that while he's not religious himself, objecting would be rather foolish, since all it would do is put people off. On the record, my personal view about this is that it's exceedingly rude to suggest group prayers to groups of people including ones whose religious beliefs you don't have specific reason to believe are the same as yours, unless you are in your own home and they are visiting you. I think it's rude to place strangers in the position of discussing their religious beliefs in a setting in which they are essentially asked to take a position -- (1) Participate; (2) Don't. It's just rude. If you want to thank Jesus, why can't you thank Jesus yourself? Why does everyone else have to bow their heads for your prayer to work? You want to pray before a challenge, you have plenty of time. Go. Pray. If you learn through normal conversation that other people are of the same religious persuasion you are, then you can pray along with those people, but the notion of just acting on the assumption that unless they actively object, everyone probably wants to ask Jesus for help with every challenge? That's just mind-bendingly presumptuous. And no, "Say, is it okay if we all pray before the challenge?" is not all right. Prayer is opt-in, not opt-out. Opt-out puts people in precisely the position Brian is in, where they're going to go along whether they mean it or not, and doesn't it kind of dilute your prayer to have people in it who are only going through the motions? Just remember: according to some sources, God kind of wants you to pray in private anyway.

Anyway, all the praying had better be done, because it's time for a challenge. Probst brings in the group. Yaxha gets to see that Nakum voted off Brooke. The only thing that seems to be going on among the former-Nakum boys (Blake et al) is a lot of nodding, so apparently, they don't plan on missing Brooke. You'd think they might at least be interested for strategic purposes, since it suggests what went on, Judd-wise. Jeff asks Stephenie about the water at Nakum, and she says that, of course, they can't go in the water. Blake, for his team, agrees with how miserable it is not to be able to dive in. He says that they do wade out waist-deep, which gets Amy going about how there was a crocodile within a few feet of their dock, so she tends to nag the group to come back in when they get out too far. Jeff asks if this means they've really seen crocs, and Blake describes the one he saw swimming by this morning, close to the beach.

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