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Te Tuna. Night 27, immediately after ousting Dawn and Whitney. Coach proclaims that Upolu has eradicated all former Savaii members. Except for Cochran, but I guess we're pretending he's Upolu now. At least until the next vote. Edna comments that she's getting used to seeing her name at Tribal Council, and Coach asks if anyone was worried about the vote tonight. They all say no. Edna interviews that on the way home from Tribal, there seemed to be a lot of wondering who was in the fifth, sixth and seventh positions in Upolu, and who's in the Top Four. Are they really wondering? I mean, I know we have more information than they do, but Coach, Albert and Sophie are obviously tight, and Coach is clearly calling the shots. Or everyone is letting him think that he does. Are people like Edna seriously thinking, "I'm definitely in the Top Four"? I guess she is, or she wouldn't be so complacent.

Cochran says that he's happy with his decision to flip at the merge, and he thanks Upolu for adopting him into their family. Sophie looks really awkward, like this whole conversation is making her cringe. Cochran interviews that he's a little worried because it was made clear at Tribal that he's in seventh position in his tribe and will probably be next to go. A little worried? I think he should be a lot worried. It's not like he has two or three more votes to get things together, like he did when he flipped. He's got to make a move now. And he should have started making a move six days ago. Coach notes that he's happy all those extra people are gone because now it feels like their tribe again. Cochran interviews that he's starting to do what he can to ensure he's not taken out by "The Family." And yes, he makes the requisite Manson reference. But again, "starting to"? Too little, too late, Johnny.

Te Tuna. Day 28. Everyone sits around the campfire and Cochran tells a story about how had a reputation as a brown-noser as a kid, and he wanted to change that, so he decided to make prank calls when he was in fifth grade. Okay, fine. In the pre-Caller ID era, who didn't make prank calls in fifth grade? So he called up girls (he knew?) and said, "I think I wanna trade sperm with you." Okay, there is a huge difference between prank calls and sexual harassment (albeit ill-informed and misguided sexual harassment.) That's just creepy and gross. Sophie lies in the shelter nearby and looks appropriately disgusted. She interviews that she used to feel bad for Cochran about the bullying, but after spending time with him, she gets why people were annoyed by him. She stops shy of saying he deserved the bullying (and was it really bullying? Or just people making it clear that they didn't like or respect him? Is there a difference?). She's frustrated with his attitude, because he's still gloating over his flip and seems to think that someone will take him to the end. She ends simply, "I don't like him." Me neither, Sophie. Let's be friends.

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