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Hanging Chad

Anyway, Twila says that she's hanging on to her individual immunity, and then it's time to vote. Scout votes. Ami votes for Chad, talking about how she's just staying true to her word and everything. See? She's just being nice, like girls are supposed to be. Leann votes. Chad votes for Eliza, saying she's been up to go several times, and he just hopes his alliance will hang together and send her out. Eliza votes. Julie votes. Chris votes for Eliza, saying that her alliance told him to. Twila votes.

When Jeff returns with the vote vat, there are two for Eliza, but then it's all Chad, so he's heading out. He gets up and takes his torch to Jeff, and gets snuffed. SNUFF! Chad takes off, leaving a truly unappealing group behind. Jeff reminds the women that there are seven people left, and that the women might need to start thinking about what they're going to do after they finish getting rid of the guys. He also points out that Chris might become a rather important vote before too long. I don't really think so. I suspect that unless something very unexpected happens, the women will simply vote off Chris, then Eliza, Scout, and Twila will go in some order, and your final two will be some combination of Ami, Leann, and Julie. Doesn't that sound great?

In his final interview, Chad credits Ami for turning Julie and Leann against him and ruining the plan. "I wish I could have gone further, that's for sure," he says. Oh, me, too. Because now I hate everyone.

Next week: Chris finally gets around to spilling to Eliza that Scout and Twila were plotting to get rid of her, and it is implied that Scout is in trouble. Which almost surely means that she is not booted, so Chris probably is.

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