Culture Shock And Violent Storms

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Hanging Chad

There is more snake-and-lizard footage as Scout has a secret meeting with Chris and Chad and runs down the whole plan for them. Scout says that she, Julie, Leann, and Twila all want to boot Eliza. The guys nod vigorously. Because...DUH. Thus, Scout explains, they have to keep immunity away from Eliza. Anyone but Eliza can get immunity. Then, Scout explains, once they're done with Eliza, they will boot Ami next. "She's the brains," Chad agrees. Braaaaains! Oh, sorry. I was turning into a zombie out of pure, stupefied boredom. Scout insists that all the women really "love you guys," and Chris gives her a friendly side-hug. Chris says that they'll all just head back to camp and not be obvious. "I'm gonna head back with my wood," he says, and I laugh, because I am an immature little child.

Chris interviews that things are different now, because among the women's alliance, "there's dissension in the ranks." He believes that part of this has come from Ami's cockiness since the merge and the booting of Rory, which he thinks has gotten on Scout's nerves. Chris then gives a patronizing speech of the "I really respect women for being such crazy bitches" variety, in which he says that questioning women's abilities tends to make them react defensively -- or, as Chris puts it -- "snap your neck." (He's met some of the TWoP staff, apparently.) But, he continues, opening yourself to them all belly-up often makes them love you. I really wish I could be like, "Bullshit," but...some of you know way too much about me for that to work. ["I also reluctantly have to admit that it's kind of true." -- Wing Chun] And then he makes a vaguely dirty remark about how women "open up that back door," and yes, we're all bad people for thinking it, but most of us did.

Water drips from various rock formations and plants. It's wet out, y'all, although it's apparently drying out and it's no longer actively raining. The team finds Jeff wearing shades he undoubtedly thinks are hot, hanging out at a challenge site where there are just eight big old telephone poles. He takes the immunity back from Ami, and he explains that they'll climb a ladder to the top of the pole, and then they'll climb onto the pole. Once on the pole, they just hang on as long as possible. There are notches where you can put your feet, but once you slide down to the bottom and your feet hit the ground, you're out. Last person left will get immunity.

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