Culture Shock And Violent Storms

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Hanging Chad

They all climb their ladders and wait by the poles. Ready? Go. They all step out onto the poles, hanging on with all they can. Julie is the first to slide down the pole and plunk onto the ground. Chris falls next, and then Scout. Time passes. Ami goes down. Eliza hits the ground hard. Unbelievably, Twila literally hangs on to a rope around the pole with her teeth. I mean, she's not hanging by her teeth or anything, but she at least seems to think it steadies her, which I find to be a strange combination of freakish and admirable. Chad shows his first signs of weakness and quivering. Leann slides a little. Leann falls. Twila and Chad are left. Twila is standing with her feet on a ring of rope around the pole. And I really do think that as versatile as the WonderFoot 3000 is, this is one of the few times where Chad is really at something of a disadvantage, because part of the way you stay on this pole is by finding just the right way to mold your foot around a piece of rope, which is what Twila's doing, and Chad just doesn't have the option. You can see him trying to get the WonderShoe to sit against the rope in just the right way, but I just don't think the control of it is quite fine enough to give him the same flexibility he's got with the other foot. Finally, he slips off the last notch of rope and jumps down, and Twila wins immunity. She is given the extremely ugly immunity necklace, which she acts happy to have, because like underwear from your grandmother, it's a gift the attractiveness of which you really don't have the option of complaining about. Jeff sends everyone back to camp.

Things are misty at Alinta on Day 26. Ami asks the rest of the girls whether they're all still voting for Chad. Scout decides that the thing to do here is share her plan -- that would be the plan which has booting Ami as its second step -- and this is where you start to realize, as does Scout, that she hasn't thought this through, and did it all wrong. Anyway, Scout says that she's thinking that they should boot Eliza in order to keep the guys around for a few more days. And she chalks this up to the notion that the guys are needed for menial labor, which is a good way to ensure that Ami is able to leverage her "girl power" crapola as a strong argument for why it's a stupid plan. Indeed, Ami dismisses the fire concern as BS, assuring Scout that they can handle the fire without help. Ami returns to the idea that they have to get rid of the guys to keep the guys from getting immunity a bunch of times.

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