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Give Me The Idol

So then Malcolm lays out his actual plan for Dawn once Andrea walks away. Dawn thinks he wants to get rid of Phillip, but Malcolm says that he actually wants to get rid of Andrea, because she's the real leader. Malcolm explains that this is their only chance to make a change and reveals that Reynold has an Idol. Dawn says that if Reynold shows her the Idol, she'll join them. Dawn interviews that she can't believe Malcolm trusts her after Dawn was the one who blew up Corinne's spot and got everyone to blindside her.

Malcolm finds Reynold and tells him what Dawn said, so he wants Reynold to show Dawn his Idol. Malcolm assures him that he doesn't need to play it, and that they will be voting out Andrea since the others are splitting their votes between Reynold and Eddie. Reynold grabs his bag and sidles up to Dawn at camp. He slyly shows Dawn his Idol, and then says that if she doesn't follow through he goes home, so he begs her not to screw him over. Dawn interviews that she hates bullies and she thinks Reynold is one, because he told her that if she screws him over she'll have hell to pay. Look, I hate Reynold, OBVIOUSLY. I am a human being. But that's not at all what he said. He wasn't trying to intimidate her; I think he was going for pity/human decency. Like, please help me out here -- I am putting my game in your hands.

Reynold, Eddie and Mike sit around the fire talking about their strategy. Reynold explains that Dawn is with them. Eddie wants to talk to Andrea, but Reynold isn't into that idea. His plan is, once Andrea is gone, Cochran will join them (what?) and they can "bro down to the end." Why would Cochran join them? Because he has a penis? Reynold is seriously a dummy.

Eddie pulls Andrea aside and asks if they're splitting the vote tonight between him and Reynold. Andrea says she won't give him information about her plans for Reynold, because she's not working for Reynold. But she promises him that he's not the target. Eddie is an idiot and can't figure out what she's saying (which is that he's going to get votes to force a tie, but then they're voting out Reynold). Andrea keeps trying to dodge his questions and give non-answers, and she begs him to trust her. Eddie accidentally says that Reynold has an Idol and then tries to backtrack, saying he doesn't know if Reynold has it or not. Finally, he basically tells her that Malcolm is planning to vote her out. He doesn't say it, but Andrea is no dummy and she figures it out. And her face falls, because apparently even though she knew Malcolm was planning something, she never thought he'd vote her out. Who did she think the target was? Phillip?

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