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Double Trouble

Probst lets Whitney have her say, and she feels like she's been "vilified" (and I think she believes that means "make into a villain", which isn't quite right), and she understands how Dawn felt, because she's hungry and would have liked to eat too, but she couldn't, because she had to fight for immunity. Whitney gets all choked up and says that she doesn't think Upolu accepts them as real people, and she's been painted as a bully and she doesn't think she acted as a bully. Brandon says that he doesn't like to see Whitney cry, but he thinks his tribe was "excluded until [they] got power." Excluded from what? In the few days from the merge to the first vote? How were they excluded? Wait, why am I trying to make sense of Brandon? He crazy.

Time to vote. Whitney keeps immunity, obviously. And Probst tallies the votes. The three Savaii vote for Edna, and everyone else votes for Jim, so he's going to Redemption Island. Coach snarkily waves "Bye bye!" What an asshole. God, I hope that people team up and take him out before the finals. My favorite part of the tag is when Jim arrives at Redemption Island and tells Ozzy and Keith, "I thought we were supposed to be the final three." That's what arrogance will get you.

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