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Double Trouble

The Upolu members call Cochran over to hang out with them. Cochran interviews that it felt good to stand up to his former tribemates, but now he's trying to balance his time between the kind, loving Upolu and the horrible, awful Savaii members. I wonder if he realizes that both types of treatment he's getting have everything to do with how he just voted and nothing to do with his personality? As Cochran snuggles with Coach, Whitney and Jim lament that they're screwed, and Jim notes that they gave him exactly what he wanted. Yes, Jim, perhaps it wasn't the best strategic decision to tell Cochran to go cozy up to Upolu when he was definitely the member of your tribe with the least tribal loyalty. None of them seem too shocked that he flipped, just disappointed and angry.

The next morning, Coach watches the sunrise alone. He interviews that he's really happy about what his tribe pulled off at Tribal. Then we get like ten minutes of him doing tai chi while he voices over that he needs to be confident but not arrogant and humble but not weak. Ugh. Coach is awful.

Cochran hangs out with Upolu and Coach asks him who they should send home next. Like they wouldn't overrule Cochran in a second if he said something dumb. Cochran knows that Ozzy is the obvious choice due to his strength in challenges, but Cochran really doesn't like Jim. See, Jim? This is why you suck it up and stop swearing at Cochran. Because if you weren't such a dick, your name wouldn't be tops on his list to send home. Meanwhile, Ozzy is crying like a little baby in an interview about how he got "stabbed in the gut" (I thought it was the back? Did Cochran have multiple knives?) and how he has no strategy anymore except to win Immunity Challenges. Was that not part of his strategy up until now? I would think that would always be part of your strategy.

Wait, why are they heading to the Immunity Challenge only nine minutes into the episode? Remember when they used to have Reward Challenges? I miss those. Anyway, today's challenge has two phases. In the first phase, they will try to toss a coconut into a ring. The first four people to do so move on to the second phase, where they will crack coconuts, suck up the water, then transport the water in their mouths to a tube and spit the water into the tube. First to fill the tube wins Immunity.

Tossing the coconut into the ring seems like luck. Dawn gets one in on the first round but no one else succeeds. Whitney gets one in on the second round, as do Jim and Sophie. So how's that winning strategy working out for you, Ozzy?

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