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Double Trouble

Dawn and Whitney finish the first phase and move to a smaller part of the beam for the second phase. Probst notes that the eating has slowed down, and Brandon puts his head on Cochran's shoulder while Cochran pets his head. That's not weird. It's like Brandon is a tiny, little dog, and Cochran is petting him. Dawn wobbles and then recovers and Brandon cheers for her loudly. Whitney comments that they know whom Brandon likes more. Oh, Whitney. Everyone likes everyone more than you, because you are awful. Shortly after that, Dawn wobbles and loses her ball, so Whitney wins. It should be noted that Brandon cheers loudly for her when she wins, probably because he feels bad about it and he's dumb. As they leave, we see an Albert interview where he says that he doesn't like how inclusive they were about Dawn during the challenge, and he wants to nip it in the bud. I like Albert. He might get voted out because he's always scheming and possibly overthinking things, but at least he's thinking and not just following Coach blindly.

Te Tuna. Day 24. Cochran struts into camp wearing Coach's jacket and soon enough, Rick's hat. The members of Upolu are delighted with him and someone says that he's now a fully-incorporated member of Upolu. Jim interviews that Cochran is playing a great third-place game because everyone on Upolu would love to take Cochran to the finals because he'll be so easy to beat. Jim's not wrong. He also seems to have finally realized that he needs to make a move other than "yell at Cochran" or "pout." We shall see.

Jim calls Albert and Sophie over to show them a little diagram he's drawn in the sand to illustrate how things are going to play out. Jim has Coach with Cochran, Edna, and Brandon underneath him, and then Rick nearby, since he gave his word to Coach and probably won't retract it. Jim thinks that Albert and Sophie are the only people who aren't "in the cult" (of Coach, presumably) and then he has a three-person group with himself, Dawn, and Whitney. So Jim's big plan is that Albert, Sophie, and the former Savaii should vote for Edna. Presumably Coach, Cochran, Edna, Brandon, and Rick would vote for Jim. I'm not sure why Jim thinks Albert and Sophie would rather go to rocks than have a sure thing, but at least he tried. He should have tried last time, or the time before that, though. Albert interviews that Jim had an interesting plan, but he has a better one, so he's not really interested in what Jim has to say.

Albert's plan involves getting rid of Dawn before Jim, because he thinks Dawn is more dangerous than Jim. She's nicer, and she's insinuating herself into the tribe. Albert doesn't mention that Dawn is kind of a challenge monster. No one seems to be bringing that up, but I think that's true, and something to worry about now that they are doing individual immunity. The problem is that Dawn seems to be hanging mostly with Edna, who is like the least powerful person in that tribe right now, so she might want to redirect her sucking up.

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