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A Monica Seed

On Night 30, Aiga return from Tribal Council. Shambo interviews that she's shocked that John went out. Li'l Russell swoops in immediately and says John was trying to get rid of Shambo and he knew that Shambo promised John she'd never vote him out, so he went ahead and got rid of John without telling Shambo because it was in her best interests to look like an idiot at Tribal Council. "Don't go crazy or nothin'," he warns her. She agrees not to, and Li'l Russell interviews that she believed everything he said and it's all good.

Apparently nothing cool happened on Day 31, because when we return from the commercial break it's suddenly Day 32. Jaison hangs out with Brett and Monica on the beach and they start talking strategy. Monica does a nice job here, saying that if Mick or Li'l Russell make it to the end then they'll probably win the million dollars. Jaison agrees and claims that he and Li'l Russell were both making "major decisions" behind the scenes but everyone thinks it's only been Li'l Russell. He wonders if that will hurt him in front of the jury, and Monica and Brett are happy to tell him that it would and he should do something about it, like vote Li'l Russell out. But Jaison's plan seems to be to wait until the last vote before the Final 3, at which point Li'l Russell won't be able to use his immunity idol. Which means that Jaison is basically pinning his hopes on Li'l Russell not winning the immunity challenge. Does Jaison really think that he could win an immunity challenge that Li'l Russell couldn't? Awesomely, Jaison tells Monica and Brett that Li'l Russell doesn't need the million dollar prize because he told Mick he's a millionaire. Monica's like: 8-O. And then: "hmmm!" Brett and his crazy hair interview that he's hoping the Foa Foa alliance is about to crack.

With that, it's time for the Reward Challenge. Oh, wait. "No reward challenge," Probst says as the tribe arrives. Instead, they're playing for immunity. Um, what? No. Unacceptable. If the immunity challenge is this early then that means 50 minutes of show will be pre-Tribal Council scheming. Ugh. Faces fall at the news, but Li'l Russell says he's happy to have an immunity challenge instead of a reward. Meanwhile, Jaison came to the challenge wearing the immunity necklace so obviously they knew something like this was going to happen. The Immunity Chant plays as Probst takes his sweet time removing the necklace from around Jaison's neck. Then he explains the challenge: it's time for Survivor bowling! Shambo is thrilled about this because she probably thinks she's awesome at bowling. Which means we can look forward to some serious bowling suckitude from her. The Survivor bowling alley only has two lanes, so each contestant will go head-to-head against someone else. Whoever knocks the most pins down moves on to the next round.

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