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A Monica Seed

Probst tells Li'l Russell that it looks like the student has turned against the teacher or something. Way to give Li'l Russell credit for Monica's work there, Probst. I'm sure she wouldn't have done any of that without the influence of the great Li'l Russell, the only person to ever manipulate contestants in this game. Li'l Russell says it's too bad that Monica wasn't on a tribe with him at the beginning because they would have made for a "dangerous" team. Except for the part where he would have immediately decided that even though she's a "stupid dumbass little girl," she's somehow a threat to him and so would have gotten her voted out as soon as possible. "If she would've played that hard this entire game, she would be the one in charge right now," he says. "Or I could be going home earlier," Monica points out. "I've been playing hard this entire game and I'm still here," Li'l Russell says. "Because of idols," Monica spits back. HA! Li'l Russell maintains that finding and using idols is part of "playing hard." Not when they're like right in front of you and easy to find because the producers either couldn't be bothered to hide them well or wanted them to be found by a player they wanted to stay in the game as long as possible. Probst asks Li'l Russell if he's concerned that Monica has pointed the finger at him. Li'l Russell claims he isn't, but he's wearing an immunity idol around his neck, so whatever. Probst asks Mick how he feels about Monica's shit-stirring. Mick just says that he's aware of the fact that only one person can win a million dollars and who you take to the end is important. Probst says it's time to find out if Monica's scrambling paid off.

Li'l Russell votes for Monica, calling her a "stupid, stupid little girl" with a "bad strategy." Well, let's be honest -- there's nothing Monica could have done that wouldn't have ended with Li'l Russell saying that exact same thing. Monica votes for Li'l Russell. Probst returns with the urn and asks if anyone would like to remove the immunity idol from around his neck and play it. Li'l Russell stays put. I'm not surprised -- if he was going to play that idol then he wouldn't have shown it off like that. Monica gets the first vote. Li'l Russell gets the second, but is not worried because it was obviously written by Monica. Monica gets a second vote. Li'l Russell does, too. "Awesome," Dave Ball whispers. Yes, it would be awesome if Li'l Russell were voted out of this game with the immunity idol around his neck. That would be incredible. Unfortunately, his fellow contestants are short-sighted morons so Monica gets a third vote. And then a fourth, which means she's out. Jaison smiles and Mick nods at this. I guess they're figuring they have a better chance against Li'l Russell at the end than someone from Galu. That's fine for them, I guess, but it sure does make for a boring season for the rest of us.

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