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And then it's time for Tribal Council. Oh god, it's only minute 22. Please do not let this be 38 minutes of Tribal Council. No, no, no! I used to have to watch 38 minutes of Tribal Council when I worked on this show and my job was to transcribe them and I can't do it again. I swore I'd never do it again! Probst calls in the jury, and to his credit, new juror John is all smiles despite being voted out by everyone except oblivious Shambo. Probst talks to Jaison first, asking if his reasons to vote someone out on "Day 31" (um, or Day 32. Or Day 109. Or Day -67345265322. Who knows at this point?) are different than his reasons on Day 2. Well, yes, but that's because there aren't any racists left in the game now like there were in the beginning. Jaison says it's important to get rid of people who are strong mentally, physically, and/or strategically. Shambo just nods at this, knowing she is in no danger of being voted out by Jaison if what he just said is true. He adds that it's also important to go to the end with someone you can win against in front of the jury. Probst then asks Shambo about her reasons for voting people out, knowing that unlike Jaison's, they make no sense and thus will be entertaining for the folks at home. She says she's still all about getting rid of people she deems undeserving of the million dollar prize and then says that she didn't vote for John because she thought she had an alliance with him. Thus, she was more surprised than he was when he was voted out. That's probably true, but only because John was not gifted with psychic dreams from god telling him who would be voted out next like Shambo was. Or, I guess we've now discovered, wasn't. "Great working of the jury, too, well done," Probst says. Oh, shut up, Probst. That's for the jury and Shambo's fellow contestants to decide. We don't need you calling things out. Especially since I think Shambo isn't sucking up to the jury at all because she doesn't have the forethought necessary to do so.

Probst asks Monica if it's important to vote out someone who is "unpredictable" and maybe can't be trusted, as if Monica has any choice at all at this point over who goes home next. She agrees that an unpredictable tribemate is not a good thing, which only harms her own case since the Foa Foa alliance has been pretty predictable to each other while Galu ate itself. Probst asks Dave Ball how to stay in the game at this point. There is no way for Dave Ball to stay in the game at this point since there isn't a life-saving "hidden" immunity idol out in plain sight for him to stumble upon like Li'l Russell, but he answers anyway, saying that it's about making a case that you can be beaten in the Final Two or Three and thus are desirable to bring to the end. Probst tells Li'l Russell that Dave Ball's strategy is "very clear" and "potentially effective." Um, except for the part where almost the entire jury is a Galu member who would be much more apt to vote for Dave Ball than, say, Li'l Russell. Li'l Russell agrees that at this point, he wants to get rid of the people who are threats to winning at the end and ominous music plays as Li'l Russell's alliancemates (except Natalie, who hasn't been shown at all so far. Maybe she got sucked into that weird time warp?) make threatened faces even though Jaison just said that same thing and no one seemed to care.

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