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A Monica Seed

With that, it's time to vote. Oh, there's a shot of Natalie! She's there after all. Shambo votes for Dave Ball, confidently saying "see you later" even though last time she was so sure he was going home, he didn't. Dave Ball votes for Shambo. Probst fetches the urn and asks if anyone wants to play his immunity idol. Li'l Russell does not, and the votes are read. There's Dave Ball's vote for Shambo, then Shambo's vote for Dave Ball. And then another vote for Dave Ball. And another. And one for "Danger Dave Ball," just to remind us all that even though Dave Ball was fairly entertaining this season, he's still a tool who wants us to think his nickname is "Danger Dave." I will remind you all that I know him personally, and it is not. Dave Ball gets a fifth vote to end his time in this game. Probst snuffs his torch and he turns around to say "good game, you guys," which is honestly good of him considering how pissed off he must be inside that Shambo managed to make it further in this game than he did. Probst says that the original members of Foa Foa now have the majority for the first time since Day 1 and that should tell everyone that you can never count yourself out of this game. Well, unless you're Monica or Brett. Then you're screwed. The Galu jury decide to fuck Brett over just a little bit more by cheering him on as he makes his way out of Tribal Council. "Stay strong," Laura whisper-yells to him. He just smiles and points at her, as he is incapable of speech. If anyone in the Foa Foa alliance heard or saw that, then surely they won't want to go up against him at the end.

Dave Ball gives his good-bye speech, which has been edited to kiss Li'l Russell's ass. I'm sure he said things not about Li'l Russell, but we don't get to hear them. I'm just happy that we aren't spending forty minutes at Tribal Council.

It's Day 32 at Aiga again. I can't wait for the surprise immunity challenge of bowling! The contestants wake up, feeling a strange sense of déjà vu. Li'l Russell talks to his alliance about how Brett is "the biggest threat left in this game," which isn't saying much. He interviews that he wants to get rid of Brett next. Mick, meanwhile, pulls Li'l Russell aside to talk about the Final Three or Two and how he's starting to have doubts that Li'l Russell is going to bring him along based on what he said last night. Li'l Russell says he was talking about getting rid of Brett, not Mick. Mick keeps going, saying he's feeling nervous about Li'l Russell, who says that makes him feel nervous. Li'l Russell interviews that Mick is "freaking out," which, if so, that was the calmest freak out I've ever seen. Now he's starting to worry that Mick will switch alliances to better his chances. Ha! That would require Mick to think for himself and then actually act on those thoughts. Mick can't even get a tan after walking around this island shirtless for 32 days.

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