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A Monica Seed

Immunity challenge, part 2! The contestants arrive and Probst explains today's challenge. Each contestant must run out to the water, grab three bags, and run back to a see-saw where they must jump on one side so that the bag lifts into the air and lands in a basket that's pretty high up. You know, I always tried to do that to lift my brother high up in the air, like I saw on cartoons, but it never worked. And then by the time he was 4 and I was 6 he was heavier than me anyway. But don't think he was fat! I was just tiny. Anyway, the first person to get all three bags in his (and it will be a he, because this challenge like almost all challenges favors the physically strong and heavy) basket wins.

Probst calls go, and the contestants race out to the bags. Shambo manages to get her bag before Natalie, even though the process of retrieving the bag involves having to untie a knot. Mick, his ass a blur, gets his bag back first but does not get it in the basket on his first try, as we see in a Fail! insert shot. Probst says that the past 33 days (I guess the fact that they lived Day 32 twice adds up to 33 days?) have obviously had an effect on the contestants, who are all looking pretty weak. Brett is the first to get a bag in the basket, which he does silently. He's soon followed by Mick and Li'l Russell. And then, shockingly, by Shambo, who managed not to fall ass over teakettle in the process. Jaison, Monica, and Natalie have yet to come close to getting their first bags in the basket, because Monica and Natalie weigh 86 pounds combined and Jaison rarely puts his all into a challenge.

Brett returns with his second bag and immediately gets it in the basket. Mick is close behind. Jaison finally gets his first bag in the basket, but Mick and Brett are both on their way to getting their third bags so it's not going to do him much good. Miraculously, Natalie gets a bag in the basket even though the bags weigh more than she does. Probst takes great delight in pointing out that weak-ass Monica is the only contestant not to have at least one bag in her basket. Brett and Mick return with their third bags. Mick appears to be on Brett's heels in one shot, but a shot from a different angle shows that he's almost half the water course behind. Probst points out that Brett is sprinting back to the basket and Mick "better dig." Way to cheer for Foa Foa, Probst. Brett gets back to his basket but his first jump is short, giving Mick the chance to win. But he also misses, and Brett's second chance makes it in. "..." Brett says triumphantly. Jaison seems upset, but not as much as Monica. On their way out, Brett does not give a victory interview. Instead, Jaison says that Brett has now shown himself to be an immunity threat to the Foa Foa alliance. Apparently not that much, though, since the Product Placement Player of the Week does not list him as one of the three nominees. Instead, we have Jaison, Mick, and Shambo, all of three of whom did absolutely nothing.

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