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A Monica Seed

Aiga is just returning to camp on what the text calls Day 33. I guess they walked through that time warp thing on their way back from the challenge? This is ridiculous. Can't they just admit that the hour-long episode they made where Dave Ball was voted out and there was a reward challenge was so boring that they pretended the reward challenge never happened and smooshed two episodes together? And then forgot to change the text on the screen? Or maybe there is a time warp. I like that idea better and would prefer to think there's a wormhole on Samoa than that the editors of a network show watched by millions can't be bothered to quality check their work because they apparently care so little about it. Also, the time warp explains Shambo, who came directly from the '80s. Anyway! Aiga walks into camp and everyone congratulates Brett despite the fact that he won yesterday. I guess they're just really good sports. "You didn't want to go home today, did ya?" Shambo says to Brett, always assuming that the person she wants to go home next will be going home next despite a great deal of evidence that proves otherwise. Monica, meanwhile, wrinkles her face and rolls her eyes.

Mick, Jaison, and Li'l Russell gather around the campfire for a quick meeting and Li'l Russell says tonight's vote is a "no brainer" and they don't even need to say the name of the person they're getting rid of tonight. But then he says it anyway, because he knows the producers want him to: "Monica." Monica interviews that Brett's immunity win means that she'll probably be going next. She then closes her eyes and looks towards the sun to recharge as she promises she'll do everything she can to stay in the game. We then hear an unfamiliar voice over a shot of an exotic spider. Is the spider talking??? Oh, wait, no -- it's Brett. He's lying in the shelter with Monica and Mick and trying to place some doubt in Mick's mind that Li'l Russell will take him to the Final Three. Monica adds that she thinks Li'l Russell is planning to take Shambo and Natalie with him. Mick says this thought has entered his mind before (not like he's done anything about it) since you can't watch Li'l Russell sneak around and cut people down without realizing that he could do the same to you. Unless you're Shambo, in which case you're going to be shocked and saddened. Mick teases us in an interview that he's thought about getting rid of Li'l Russell, not like he's ever going to do it. Brett tells Mick that if he wants to blindside Li'l Russell out of this game, now is the time. And it is, because he'd have Brett, Monica, and hopefully Jaison's votes to Li'l Russell, Shambo, and Natalie's three. And if he engineered Li'l Russell's downfall then I think he'd be a contender to get jury votes in the end. Mick talks to Jaison about his doubts that Li'l Russell will bring them to the end. "I just don't want to be off-guard and not wary about things," he says. "..." says Jaison.

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