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A Monica Seed

Monica talks to Li'l Russell about the Final Three and making sure that the people on the jury will vote for him. He's not interested in anything she has to say, saying his position is "the best in this game right now," which shows that he's not as good at this show as he thinks he is since your position is never "the best." The people in "the best" positions almost always find themselves in the worst. John thought he was in a great position, too. Monica says that Jaison is waiting until Day 36 when he can vote Li'l Russell out without having to worry about him playing an immunity idol. Jaison might be waiting a long time for Day 36. Then again, it might come tomorrow. Or perhaps it was yesterday. Hard to tell in this episode! Li'l Russell is suddenly much more interested in what Monica has to say. Monica continues that Li'l Russell shouldn't want to put Monica on the jury because she can "make or break" him. "I don't think so," Li'l Russell says. Oh really? "Natalie already told me that you make lots of money," Monica says; "not Natalie, but Jaison told me you're a multimillionaire already." Ha! Way to "accidentally" drag Natalie into this shit storm, Monica! Because we all know how easy it is to mistake Jaison and Natalie. "I'm voting based on need," Monica says. Meanwhile, is that Shambo hanging out behind them? Why is she letting Monica get away with this?

Li'l Russell heads down to the beach to yell at Natalie for betraying him and telling Monica about his financial situation. Meanwhile, why does she know about that? Didn't Li'l Russell only tell Mick? Apparently, everyone in his alliance knows because I'll bet he just couldn't keep it to himself just like he couldn't help but let everyone know about his immunity idol. When someone is so proud of himself that he has to brag to anyone and everyone about his accomplishments, it makes you think that that person hasn't accomplished much in his life and/or is full of shit. Oh, and is an idiot. Anyway, Natalie has no idea what he's talking about, of course, and denies everything. Li'l Russell troll-runs over to Brett and asks him how he knows that Li'l Russell is rich. Brett says Jaison told him. So Natalie is off the hook, although now she should have some doubts about Li'l Russell based on how quick he was to turn on and snap at her for something she didn't even do.

Finally, Li'l Russell sits down with Jaison. He's not as angry with him as he was with Natalie, because Jaison is a man and thus demands more respect. Jaison denies ever telling Monica any of that stuff and says she's just telling Li'l Russell this to stay in the game. Jaison interviews that he "might have" told Monica about Li'l Russell's financial status but he "honestly" doesn't remember. Bullshit. Anyway, now he's worried that Li'l Russell is coming after him. Not that he'll do anything about it. He has a meeting with Mick and Natalie, saying he thinks Li'l Russell will take Shambo to the Final Two over any of them. "Oh my word," Natalie says. Li'l Russell tells Shambo that he's pissed off now, and that's a good thing because it'll get him thinking. He's just trying to cover for the fact that a "stupid girl" like Monica got to him. "The little bitch needs to be sent home tonight," he says of her in an interview. But he's also aware that Jaison might be plotting against him as well. So he's bringing the idol with him to Tribal just in case.

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