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Thick, Ankled

James interviews that Jeff and Kim denied that anything was going on, but that nobody believed them. "Raaaht now, they're cuddlin'," he says. "Next week? They gon' be makin' out. You know, suckin' face and stuff. She's a woman, and all she has to her advantage? Is her sex-shee-ality." You know, I'm not entirely sure I believe his cornpone routine, but it's not like I'm not cheap enough for it to amuse me. It's like watching a Virginia ham play chess. And if he's still saying "sex-shee-ality," I have to say, I think he's not meeting the right women. "Kim's got to go," he says. And then something and something and it ends with "Ah got eeeears like a BAT!" Sometimes, the tapestry of humanity is so oddly knotted that I honestly need a nap.

It is Day 7 at Koror, and it's raining. A lot. Tom tries to look on the bright side that it's the shower they've been wanting, but he admits in an interview that their shelter is not the greatest, they're getting wet at night, and they need a better place to get out of the incessant rain. Coby, too, is working on the shelter and, in an interview in which he has a lot more beard than he does in real time -- meaning I think it must be from at least a while later -- he says that having the entire team still together has its ups and downs, because while they're all still there and have a full team, you can't get rid of the people who bug you. Speaking of which, this is where we learn that Caryn and Katie don't like each other. Caryn explains that Katie is something she describes as not "outspoken," but "tart." Huh. You know, one of my favorite southern men recently informed me, putting on his drawl to its most charming effect, "Now you're what we down here would outspoken woman." I took it as a huge compliment. So I think Katie should be happy she's almost outspoken. But I don't know what "tart" really means. I mean, I know what "tart" means, but, like, not in this context, where you're not either being tasted or berated for wearing fishnets. ["I think Caryn probably meant 'pert.'" -- Wing Chun] At first, I wonder whether it means "curt," but apparently not, because Caryn goes on to say that Katie "has something to say all the time about everything." Ohhh. I know what word she's looking for. She's looking for "recapper."

Anyway, Caryn decides that she needs to "confront" Katie about this quality, because she lacks the patience and tolerance for other people's asinine behavior that is integral to winning this game. Caryn tells Katie about how Katie has too much to say or whatever, and complains that Katie has a remark every time anyone does anything. So...I think "overly critical" is what she thinks Katie actually is, maybe? "Don't tell me what to do anymore!" Caryn barks. "I'm done hearing it!" Katie -- not really on the We Are Feuding train -- interviews that it was all fairly baffling to her, since she was sitting by herself when Caryn came up and got into this "Do you have a problem with me?" business. As Katie explains, and as we see, Caryn did not hang around for Katie to respond, which is always a great indicator that you kind of know you're a little full of it. "She's crazy," Katie says. "She's completely lost it." And really, I'm not sure I'm loving Katie, but there have to have been better ways for Caryn to handle that particular situation. Which is basically what Katie later tells her -- that there was probably a better way for them to work it out. Caryn snots in an interview that "the repercussions of my confronting Katie will be that she will not talk to me, and that's just fine with me." She acknowledges that there might be other tension, because there's always a risk if you're "too confrontational." But apparently, she decided to disregard that risk in favor of letting her flag fly, or whatever. If she's decided not to suffer fools gladly even if it's the best game-related move, she's going to find herself on the wrong end of a righteous torch-snuffing before very long, I'll say that much.

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