Dangerous Creatures And Horrible Setbacks

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Thick, Ankled

The next round is pairs -- Bobby Jon and Angie against Gregg and Janu. Go! Gregg lets Bobby Jon have the ring and start back. Angie becomes a veritable Tasmanian Devil of nerd revenge, flying into the frame as she dunks Janu first, and then fastens on Gregg, dunking him as well. I'm thinking they wouldn't have been friends in high school. Gregg dunks Bobby Jon, but then Angie the Whirling Dervish grabs Gregg. I like it when people commit to the game. Especially the parts with assault. Bobby Jon ultimately drags this entire pod of people over to the Ulong pontoon, taking care of business and working overtime and such, and his team takes it three points to nothing, thanks in large part to the mad dunking skillz of Angie. Her entire team is really glad she never mastered climbing the rope in gym. Ulong takes the sewing kit, which has to be the girliest reward that a knock-down drag-out involving near-drownings has ever netted anyone. So Probst sends them all away. Back to camp, winners. And, of course, losers.

Back at camp Ulong, the team is happy about the quick shut-out, and Bobby Jon still loves Angie. And he also is happy that they can make so many "garments," as he puts it, with their reward. There's something vaguely biblical about Bobby Jon in that moment, but it's the stupid kind of biblical, like he's going to start quoting rules about how many chickens you can eat and how to arrange your wives when they all have dinner together. Ibrehem, on the other hand, wants it known that he has absolutely no idea what to do with a sewing kit, which is, after all? Girly! Bobby Jon proposes using some of the needles and thread as fishing hooks. But as it turns out, he's generally not that happy about the fact that there are still some things around camp that need doing. He is, of course, willing to do them himself, because he rather emphatically self-reliant, but clearly, the team's state of extreme relaxation is bugging him.

Bobby Jon is, in fact, so concerned that he soothes his weird, sewing-addled brain by going out into the water and spearing what is seriously the world's tiniest fish. It might be a model fish that's used by real fish in historical dioramas. About, you know, great moments in fish, or whatever. Anyway, the rest of the team chills out on the beach. "What are we going to do, just sit here?" Steph wonders, not exactly acting like she thinks that's a horrible idea. "It's like everybody died," Kim observes, commenting on the swath of bodies and, probably, the smell. Bobby Jon tells us that he's "very disappointed" in the tribe, and he doesn't even really want to argue about the stuff that needs doing, so he's just doing it. He says that the tribe was pretty good at sharing the work early on, but things are a little less swell as time goes on. As if to prove his point, Kim sits and watches Bobby Jon bring down coconuts as he voices over that she, in particular, doesn't do any work around camp. Kim, on the other hand, voices over that she thinks Bobby Jon works too much, like he's trying to "cement his place in the group." She says that he won't be useful if he does it for two weeks and then "crashes and burns." She could help, of course, but I guess that potential solution is too easy. I'm always looking for the cheap way out.

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