Dangerous Creatures And Horrible Setbacks

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Thick, Ankled

Over at Koror on Day 9, there is an outing by Gregg, Tom, and Ian, who are off to hunt sea snakes. They explain that these are extremely poisonous snakes, one of which they've spotted in among some rocks. Tom explains that the plan was to pin the snake down and then lop its head off. Gregg emphasizes how dangerous these snakes are, using words like "coma," and then we watch as Ian chops off the snake's head. It turns out that Katie and Jen are looking on with great interest at all of this. Katie thinks it was funny that Ian kept apologizing to the snake. Aw, it's not funny! He's nice. A guy who can barely lop off a snake's head for food is a guy who won't pick fights in bars, is my philosophy. Ian interviews that he's an animal lover (dolphin trainer and everything), so he didn't want to just kill the snake in some cold way. And yes, the apologies are sort of wasted on the snake, but it's nice that Ian feels obligated to try. Gregg is ready to take the one snake and be done with it, but Tom and Ian have found some more, so the hunt continues. Again, there is pinning, and there is chopping. Tom acknowledges that hunting poisonous snakes was "maybe a little foolhardy," but he's happy to have found some guys, basically, he can hang out with who like to do foolhardy things and have fun. I have to say, this is one of the first times I've ever seen this happen on this show, where there's a critical mass of people who apparently don't completely suck who dig each other and might be banding together. It's like a pocket of cool in an ocean of bullshit. The little group heads back to camp.

At Camp Koror, the snake-catchers hang the snake carcasses over a tree, but they realize that the snakes dripping snake blood in the water is attracting some sharks. This gets them wondering if they might be able to use the snake to catch a shark, much as nine-year-old boys since the beginning of time have wondered whether they can get their dogs to run errands for them. What follows for the men of Koror is a fairly prolonged lesson in the fact that it really is rather difficult to club or stab sharks that are swimming in the water. Sharks are sneaky, and they're fast, and they like snake blood, but not quite enough. Tom comments that the survival aspect of the game is thus far a bigger deal than he was expecting, and that the thought of "shark steaks" was very motivating. But it's not happening. Seriously. The sharks are a little too tough, and they're a little too wily. "We're going to get a shark," Tom nevertheless vows. And I believe him, because Tom is made of materials heretofore unknown by man, as far as I know.

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