Dangerous Creatures And Horrible Setbacks

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Thick, Ankled

Ready, go! Showing the plucky determination that caused a certain percentage of the population of early pioneers to drop out after about an hour of travel because the roads were all really dusty, Jeff drops out, unable to run around the track. Bobby Jon takes his pack. Caryn falls down for Koror, so it's pretty clear she won't be too much help unless they need somebody for chicken fights later. She drops out and gives her pack to Tom. So now, Tom and Bobby Jon are each carrying 40 pounds. Ulong makes a quick advance, and for a minute, it looks like this might all be over kind of quickly. And then Willard drops out, handing his pack to Gregg. Kim drops out, giving her weight to Bobby Jon. Angie drops out, handing off to James. Katie drops out for Koror. So fairly quickly, it appears, we are down to four players on each team. Ibrehem, Bobby Jon, Steph, and James versus Ian, Tom, Gregg, and Coby. Steph, as Probst notes, is the only woman left in the challenge. The blazing sun goes on for a while. Coby struggles. Tom instructs him to "dig deep." Tom, out in front, is leading Koror, Gregg and Ian also look good, but Coby is starting to look...pouty. I'm not sure why, but rather than exhausted, he genuinely looks pouty. Coby hands off to Ian, who I think also took Katie's pack, because now, he's got three. Interestingly, Ian then hands off to Tom, so now Tom has three instead of Ian. And I can't tell you how much I love that move, because it's not proud. It's not like Ian stands there all, "I am younger, and I must carry all the weight in order to prove myself to my team." He hands off, because -- well, it's Tom, and apparently, Tom has some magical powers we should all be aware of. ["My sister's boyfriend has this theory about 'man strength' -- that older men, once they've had kids and lived a little, just start to get really deep core strength that makes them stronger, in any meaningful way, than younger dudes who just go to the gym a lot but don't ever do anything that actually tests their strength, whereas if a father were trying to protect his kid (for instance), you could break a chair over his back and he wouldn't even feel it. As we were watching this scene, my sister's boyfriend was like, 'See? Man strength.' If it exists, Tom is its poster boy."-- Wing Chun] Ulong does a little running as it appears that Willard is trying to revive a faint Coby by cradling him in the water. I think it really was fuckin' hot out there. As Koror heads around toward shore (where the water is shallower), Tom says, "All right, let's have a burst this time. No one's holding us back, all right? We hit the shallows, we dash." The boys agree. And indeed, in the shallow part, they jog, at least a few feet.

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