Dead Man Walking

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It's All Happening

Malcolm got a head start in digging for the key, but once Skupin gets back, Artis starts digging too and finds the key almost immediately. As his team starts unpacking their puzzle scrolls, Malcolm finds his key, so now Penner and Jeff Kent can start working on their puzzle. I'm not sure why they didn't have Lisa working on the puzzle too, although it does seem more physical than cerebral, since the puzzle seems quite easy, but you have to load these scrolls into a giant vertical frame. Penner and Jeff Kent start assembling their puzzle first and move very quickly. (I told you it was easy.) Although it's close, Penner and Jeff Kent finish first and their team wins reward. It was very nice of the producers or random chance or whatever to put all the people I like (Lisa, Denise, Malcolm and Penner) on one team so I could be happy when they won.

Back at camp, the losing team cooks up some beans and rice. I know it would get old, but at least they have beans. It doesn't look that bad. Artis interviews that he really wanted the reward, but he's also there to win the game and it won't kill him to eat beans and rice. Abi talks to Carter about her alliance and confirms that it's her, Artis, Pete and Lisa. Skupin is standing RIGHT THERE. Also, note that she didn't mention Malcolm -- this will be important later. Abi tells Carter that he's with Jeff and she guesses they are part of the alliance too, since they all want to get rid of Penner. Abi also claims that there's no hierarchy in their alliance but even dumb old Carter knows that's not true. Pete interviews that Abi talks too much. Pete takes Abi down to the beach for a chat. He proposes that the current plan is to get rid of Penner and then Skupin, but instead they should get rid of Penner and the rest of the former Kalabaw and then Skupin. Abi's fine with it and then she and Pete bicker over who's more annoying, basically, and FINE GUYS YOU BOTH WIN! Seriously, these two are human garbage. Pete interviews that he wishes he could vote Abi out, but he knows that he'd beat her in a final three.

The other team is having their river cruise with a giant feast. Denise interviews that their team was a good group that meshed well. Lisa mentions that she feels badly for Skupin because he's stuck with the rest of them, who are all negative. Malcolm agrees and interviews that it feels like "good versus evil." Malcolm clarifies that the "evil three are Artis, Abi and Pete." Lisa reveals that if you get in their line of fire, you're gone -- so you just have to kiss the ring. Penner hates that sort of tyrannical behavior.

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