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Malcolm recognizes that Penner wants to point everyone towards Abi, Artis or Pete because that will mean people aren't focused on him. And sure enough, Penner gives a big speech about how he's definitely going home, but he'd like to see one of the others on the boat win or Carter (really? HIM?) and there must be a way to make it happen. Lisa (who Jeff Kent called sweet and naïve, remember) interviews that it sounds noble to go to the end with four other people that she likes and respects, but she's not playing to get to the final five. She wants to go to the final three with two people she knows that she can beat, because that's how you win. That might be the most succinct and accurate description of how to play this game I've ever seen on this show. It sucks that Lisa is probably going to take out the people that I like, because she doesn't think she can beat them in the end. But she's totally right and as strategies go, it's the best one I've heard voiced so far this season.

The next morning, Lisa interviews that she knows someone is going to wake up and figure out that, once Penner is gone, it's going to be five on four and you want to make sure you're in the five and not the four. Lisa also knows that it makes more sense for her and Skupin to team with Artis, Abi and Pete, since no one likes them. Lisa plans to assure Skupin that he doesn't need to scramble and make alliances on her own, because she's got it handled.

So she does exactly that: she pulls Skupin aside and reminds him that once Penner is gone, Skupin is next on the chopping block. EXCEPT, Lisa reveals that Malcolm has the Hidden Immunity Idol. So she plans to convince Pete that Tandang needs to hang together and blindside Malcolm or they're out of power. Skupin asks the question that no one seems to be thinking about -- what happens if Penner wins immunity. Before Lisa can answer, Penner walks up and Lisa honestly says that they were just talking about him and he knows that she and Skupin are tight. They joke about how Skupin needs immunity, but Penner plans to win it. If only it were that easy. Skupin interviews that it's going to be dogfight at the challenge and Penner interviews that he's NEVER won an individual immunity before. Man, I was feeling a lot less nervous about his chances until he revealed that fact.

Probst welcomes them all to the challenge and explains how it will work. They need to go over and under wooden barriers while untying bags of puzzle pieces. The first three people across the finish line with three bags of puzzle pieces move on to the final round, which involves opening the bags and assembling a wooden snake puzzle from the pieces. And, as has been stated, it's basically everyone against Penner. They start out and Jeff Kent, Pete, Skupin, Penner and Malcolm seem to be way in front from the beginning. Abi is limping heavily all of a sudden. Pete breezes through the course and crosses the finish line first. Jeff Kent is not far behind him. So now it comes down to Skupin and Penner, battling it out for that third slot. They seem to finish untying their last bag at the same time, with Skupin maybe a bit ahead, but then Penner just dives for it and makes it over the finish line first, earning a spot in the final.

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