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Jeff Kent, Pete and Penner line up to assemble the snake puzzle. Penner seems way behind at the beginning, but apparently he was just getting the big picture instead of assembling the puzzle piece by piece, because when he does start assembling, he goes like a house afire. Everyone watching is quietly urging Pete or Jeff Kent to win; otherwise, all their big plans go down in flames. Penner is a machine, playing pieces quickly and efficiently and he passes Pete and Jeff Kent and ultimately wins. Holy crap. That was intense. And really good television. I knew the various alliances should make a Plan B, because you just never know with this game. Penner kisses the head of the snake puzzle and tells Jeff Probst that it's his first time winning immunity. Jeff Kent murmurs, "What a choke." I think. It could have been, "What a joke," but I don't think so. Penner grins while everyone else looks despondent.

They all return to camp and most of the tribe has recovered enough to congratulate Penner on his win. Malcolm interviews that the one thing they didn't want to happen has happened and now they are scrambling to figure out who to get rid of instead of Penner. I still seriously can't believe that they never even discussed this.

Malcolm, Jeff Kent and Pete have a quick conference where they decide that Skupin should go, since he was next anyway. They tell Lisa and Carter, neither of whom is surprised. As they break up, Malcolm quickly asks Pete what he's going to tell Skupin, like who are they going to say they're voting for. Pete's so dumb (or egotistical... or both) that he doesn't think they need a cover story, like Skupin won't ask who everyone is voting for or figure out that it's probably him. Ugh. Pete feels like Skupin knows, which he probably does, but that doesn't mean he won't scramble.

Lisa decides it's time to put her plan in motion and pulls Pete aside to tell him that Malcolm has a hidden Immunity Idol. Lisa explains how she knows and that they need to blindside Malcolm NOW, and whatever else they do, don't let Malcolm know that they're going to vote him out. Pete interviews that he's shocked to find this out, because he trusted Malcolm. But it totally makes sense and Lisa has no reason to lie about it, really. So we'll see what Pete does. And what Pete does is sit in the shelter and pout for a while.

And then Pete takes Malcolm aside and asks if he has an Idol. Because if Malcolm hasn't told him already, he's DEFINITELY going to admit it now, when he knows that everyone is casting about for someone to eliminate. Dummy. Malcolm denies it and asks who said he had one, and Pete the Idiot tells him it was Lisa. Malcolm interviews that his first instinct was to deny it, but if the rumors out there, pretty soon everyone will know. So Malcolm asks Pete if he needs to scramble and Pete says that he can save Malcolm, and they should vote out Jeff. Malcolm agrees with that plan (and would probably agree to vote for anyone but Denise at this point, and maybe even her). What a terrible feeling that would be. Malcolm thought he was totally safe and now that they are hours away from Tribal Council, he suddenly finds out that his world has dropped out from beneath him.

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