Dead Man Walking

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Here's how dumb Pete is: he interviews that Malcolm freaked out over their conversation, which convinced Pete that Malcolm doesn't have the Idol. HUH? You asked him if he had it and he got really nervous and shifty when he said no. Because maybe he was LYING? Pete, if you make it to the finals, I will riot. Because you are a terrible player.

Pete and Malcolm talk to Skupin, Penner and Carter and Malcolm reveals that Lisa's going around saying that he has an Idol. None of them had heard anything, so maybe Malcolm is overdoing the damage control a bit. Carter asks if Malcolm really doesn't have it and Malcolm doesn't say anything, so Carter jokes that he was going to tell Malcolm to play it if he did. They all agree to vote out Jeff Kent really quickly. Pete interviews that he wanted to take out Jeff Kent before Skupin anyway, so it's fine.

Lisa pulls Pete aside (there are so many people pulling other people aside in this episode!) and asks what went down, and Pete lies that he didn't tell Malcolm that Lisa was the one who busted him. Lisa has got to be like "HUGE SIGH" internally, because Pete clearly doesn't understand the concept of a blindside and how it works. Lisa asks if she's on the chopping block and Pete says that it's Jeff Kent. Pete interviews that "playing the mastermind role is really hard work." Um, what exactly have you masterminded, dipshit? Getting RC out? People were just looking for someone to vote out first, so it wasn't like it took a ton of convincing. Turning Abi against RC? That was going to implode anyway and was already halfway there. Did you mastermind BEING A DIPSHIT? That one I will give you. Dipshit.

Jeff Kent walks up to a group that includes Malcolm and Pete and wonders what they're talking about. Pete wanders away and Malcolm says that both his name and Jeff Kent's name are being tossed around. Jeff Kent points out that they could gather six votes right now and go rogue: Jeff Kent, Malcolm, Skupin, Denise, Penner and Carter. As everyone gathers their torches to head to Tribal, there is going to be yet another change to the voting strategy. Jeff Kent and Malcolm quickly decide to vote out Pete and head out to spread the word. Malcolm tells Denise, who readily agrees. Jeff Kent goes to Penner, who seems to agree, and Malcolm tells Skupin, who also seems to agree. That seems really shaky, since Penner is pissed at everyone and Skupin has never been part of their alliance before. Jeff Kent tells Carter that they're voting out Pete, and Carter says, "I thought they were sending you home tonight." Jeff Kent has an incredulous look on his face that is a combination of, "Holy shit, they want to send me home," and, "Holy shit, why didn't you tell me this earlier, alliance-mate?" It's pretty hilarious.

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