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Malcolm hurriedly digs up his Immunity Idol and then has to do a quick interview where he says that if he feels nervous at all about his standing, he's playing the Idol. And that he thinks they're voting out Pete but this has all been a mad scramble in the past hour. It's tough to tell the passage of time, but it seems like Lisa told Pete about Malcolm's Idol like an hour ago and everything else we've seen transpired in an hour. This is nuts. I wish every episode were like this. They went from Penner to Skupin to Jeff Kent to Malcolm to Pete in the blink of an eye. And God knows what other names were floated out there that we didn't see because it never gained traction. Anyway, off they head to what is shaping up to be a memorable Tribal Council.

Probst welcomes them and brings in RC, the first jury member. A lot of the guys are trying to make eyes at her... like, calm down, numbnuts. Probst starts asking if the anti-veteran sentiment still remains and Skupin says that it does, but he was less nervous once he heard people talking after the challenge. Malcolm chuckles bitterly and says that he trusted Lisa and she threw him under the bus. Lisa says that is true and lays out for Probst what's going on. They were all going to vote Penner and then he won immunity, so everyone decided to vote Skupin. He's her closest ally, so she thought it made sense to vote out the person she considers the biggest threat in the game, Malcolm.

Probst thinks he knows what's going on and points out that there are the five former Tandang, then the four former Kalabaw and then Malcolm's a bit of a floater. He asks Denise if this gives her hope that Malcolm will join their side and even things up and Denise says that "every crack is an opportunity."

Probst asks if Abi is upset that one of her tribemates might have just screwed things up by alienating Malcolm. Abi says that she is, and it's ludicrous. Lisa calmly points out that Abi was going to vote out Skupin, who was an original Tandang member. Abi reminds her that RC and Skupin were always outsiders in their tribe, and it was always Lisa, Abi, Pete and Artis. Malcolm makes a gesture like, "Hello? I'm right here!" Abi realizes, too late, that she slipped and forgot to pretend that Malcolm mattered to her and tries to backpedal, but Probst tells her it's kind of too late for that. Awesome.

Lisa says that if someone has a hidden Immunity Idol, you have to flush it out or blindside them. Probst clarifies that she's saying that Malcolm has an idol and Lisa says that she was playing both sides, but ultimately brought the information back to Tandang to make them stronger. Sounds like someone accused her of flip-flopping or not being loyal to Tandang and it got edited out. Malcolm pulls out his Idol and holds it up, telling everyone that he's planning on playing it since it's put a target on his back and if anyone is going to jump in with Lisa and vote for him, they're in for a surprise. Well, not really a surprise, since he just told them he's going to play it. Everyone but Lisa and Denise looks around like, "WTF?" Except for Dipshit Pete who starts chewing his nail like, "But I thought he was my friiiiii-eeeeend." This just keeps getting better and better.

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