Death Of An Alliance

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Here's Mud In Your Lies

Jeff, walking in his khaki shorts through the jungle, explains the next immunity challenge because it has to do with "jungle spirits" and superstition. The survivors will have to search for five masks, and use videocameras to tape themselves answering questions about island folklore. The first person to collect the masks and answer all the questions correctly "will appease the jungle spirits and win immunity," he says solemnly. I'm so sorry they made you read that out loud, Jeff. Seriously.

Jeff sits with the castaways to give them the lowdown. First clue: Malaysian customs say sacrificing a goat is good luck. Except for the goat. A high priestess makes the goat sacrifice. Second clue: To protect yourself, don't call out someone's name, or the tree spirits will repeat it. You have to take a piece of vine, make a circle, say your name, and walk through the circle. Got that? Third clue: Since the merger, everybody voted off the island has had their torch blown out at the tribal council. They've had to relight them. Spooky, huh? Clue four: Folklore says headhunters blow the conch shell to release a storm to wash them of their sins. Every tribal council has had rain. Wow. I've got chills and shit. Fifth clue: If you disrespect or taunt a snake that comes to your tent, it's bad luck. Joel dissed a snake, and he got voted off. Jeff says he's given them all they need to win. Let's see if they were listening.

Wild crazy shots of fire and masks. Jeff makes a big deal about the Final Four. He says this is for immunity. "Survivors ready...go!" he yells. They run off, and we get some shaky camera movement as the show switches between shots of the contestants and shots from their handheld cameras. Kelly's got a good lead. She reaches the first question, about what preceded the departure of tribal members (answer: torches going out) and we get a close-up of her tongue stud. Sean answers the snake question. Rudy reaches the conch shell question. The music stops in suspense. He says, "I dunno," and starts running to the next one. It is at this point that you should just stop, rest, and sabotage everybody else, Rudy, not keep going. You need all five questions. Rich answers the conch shell question correctly. Sue comes across the question about stepping through the vine hoop and saying your name. Rudy gets back to the tribal council question and again: "I dunno." He's a soldier, folks, not a thinker. The goat question is next. Rudy gets to the vine hoop question: "I dunno," he says. Kelly returns first, followed by Sean, Rich, and Sue. She says she has all the questions right. The editing makes it seem really quick as Jeff reviews the tape and he gives her the immunity necklace. She puts it on in slo-mo as Sue and Rich look about as bitter as a batch of Sour Patch Kids.

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