Death Of An Alliance

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Here's Mud In Your Lies

It's raining sideways on the island, as Sue says. She and Rudy are in matching yellow slickers that make them look like crossing guards. Sean is sitting under a parachute, concentrating mightily on the little Dr. Seuss stanzas in his head. In a dry patch from earlier, Sean again says he's winning the whole show, which if you know how they edit Survivor means that he's not even going to win the home game.

Rich, lying in a hammock, tells Kelly that it's going to be either Rudy or Sean voted off tonight. Rudy is under some strange delusion that he and Rich are going to be the final two. Of course, I didn't think Rudy would make it to the final ten, so maybe he knows something I don't. So what would the jury vote for: pure evil or obsolescent crabbiness? Kelly says that Rich told her he's changing his strategy to account for Sue's backstabbing. "So maybe they're not voting together," Kelly says. "To me that just means game on." A montage of sad, drawn faces. Sean supposes that there will be lots of votes going in different directions. He also thinks that three people might vote for Sue, including Rich, Rudy, and himself. Sean also believes that if he loses a tooth, he can lay it under a conch shell, and a mysterious and benign jungle spirit will bring him a smooth, pretty sand dollar in the morning. Evening approaches. The tribals grab their torches and start preparing for tribal council. Kelly reveals that she'll vote for either Richard or Sue.

A huge army of ants is shown marching, and then the survivors are shown approaching the tribal council, Rich leading the way. Jeff introduces the jury, made up of a scraggly Greg, a saucy Jenna in a black hat, a casual Gervase, and Colleen in a tragic blue dress that makes me pine for the days of her island sarongs. Jeff asks Kelly how badly she needed the immunity. She says she would have been voted off without it. Journalist Jeff asks how things have changed in the group, and she gives a vague answer about the dynamics changing as things wind down. Jeff asks a pointed question: he wants to know how Rich thinks America sees him. Rich gives a non-answer: he says he thinks people see a person who knows what he wanted from the very beginning, as ethically as he could do it. During this, Colleen gives him a look (or rather the editing makes her give him a look). What's that quote about how the devil's greatest trick is making us believe he doesn't exist? Way to go, Rich. Jeff asks yet another question about Rudy's age. Rudy babbles about the Atlantic Fleet, and how he's going to hang out with his buddies and how they'd better be behind him. "Even though you like the homo?" Rich says. Rudy acts like he almost doesn't hear him, but Jeff reiterates the question. Rudy says when it's all over, he'll shake Rich's hand and hope never to see him again. Oh, poor Rudy. He didn't read the bit in the contract about the endless reunion specials he'll have to be a part of. Jeff asks about the alliance as the jury looks on gravely. The question is directed at Sean, who has the least to feel sorry about. Sean says he feels good about everything and the way he's voted. Jeff asks Sue a ludicrous question about whether Midwestern values or corporate America have won out. "Game ain't over, ay," Sue says, and then rambles on for who knows how many minutes before she is edited down to only about three eons. "On that note, time to vote," Rhymin' Jeff says.

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