Desperate Measures

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Recipe for Dis-ass-ter

As the tribe packs up for Tribal Council, Ken reveals that he's since heard of Chuay Gahn's plan to vote against Ted. If there's a chance of that happening and it will help him stay around, he'll "throw a vote that way." As they ready themselves, Jan adjusts her top and complains, "I hate this clavage [sic] leakin' out in front of everybody." Jake dryly responds, "Now you got us all turned on." Hee. In an interview, Brian tells us that as they enter the final stretch of the game, everything -- friends, relationships -- counts. He says you can't know what's going to happen unless you're wearing the necklace.

The moon drops into the ocean as day turns to night. The tribe arrives at the Council, plants their torches, and have a seat. Erin's breasts enter the room followed a few minutes later by Erin. My, how she's grown. Seriously, who would have thought they could get any bigger? For once, the camera manages not to focus on Clay's drool. Peachy explains that the game is politically difficult to navigate; he then asks how Clay looks at his seven tribemates. Clay -- who incidentally pronounces "Penny" as "Pinny" -- answers that they're all trying to determine where they stand and the strengths of the competition. He says he's trying to figure out how he can best "both the big and the little, and I'm not a real big guy." He then yelps that the game "plays on ya!"

Jake is trying to focus on the game while maintaining his genuineness; still, he says that lies are inherent to the game and they need to accept that and try to "ferret out" who is lying the most.

Peachy asks if Ted has doubted anything he's said or done so far in the game, but Ted has no regrets. He admits to feeling homesick, and depressed over seeing his daughter, but he "rectified" that situation by "taking some me time." He says that "clearing all that blueness" will take him through to the end of the game, but quickly corrects himself to say it will take him as far as he'll get.

Peachy asks whether Penny has started to notice new things about people. She hasn't, because she's been busy enjoying the merge. She says they're more relaxed now because they can share in each others' excitement and joy.

Brian thinks the night's vote will be based completely on past performances and contributions to the camp, or as he claims, "production...or lack of production." Peachy points out "that immunity necklace around [Clay's] throat," and Clay thinks it feels good -- much better than Robb's hands around his throat did earlier in the game.

Helen votes first. We don't see the name, but she hopes to see this person soon, adding that he/she is a "great player." Jake didn't know whom to vote for, but he enjoyed meeting and knowing whomever he decided upon. Brian wordless drops his vote into the urn, and then makes a "smell the fart" face at the camera. Clay votes for a "great guy," but says he needs to get rid of the strong in order to keep going in the game.

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