Desperate Measures

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Recipe for Dis-ass-ter

Peachy returns from tallying. The first vote is for Ted, as are the second and third. Wow! Someone's really out to mess with Ted. He nods and looks sad. He doesn't have to worry for much longer, though, because the remaining votes are for Ken, including one for "NYC" with "Ken" written in parentheses, and another which has been underlined. Ken shoulders his purplish-gray bag, while Clay openly grins and Jake meditates, trying to figure out what went wrong with his perfect plan. Ken hugs Jake but no one else, then wishes them luck and heads down the path toward a little boat where someone waits to row him away.

Next time on Survivor, Ted "feels the sting" of three votes, and doesn't know that Clay instigated the Sook Jai members to vote for him. Also, Peachy makes like the reward challenge victor will win an elephant, but it's just another meal.

Over the closing credits, we confirm that all the members of Chuay Gahn voted for Ken, while all the members of Sook Jai voted for Ted. Ken tells us Survivor was a life-altering experience, and rambles on about the "life-giving, delicious, incredible thing(s)" known as bananas. He then encourages us to send him chocolate chip cookies.

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