Desperate Measures

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Recipe for Dis-ass-ter

In an interview, Jan hangs on a branch and tells us that Ted went off in the canoe without telling anyone. Penny doesn't think Ted intended to go out as far as he did, and Brian thinks he just needed to get away. Clay and Jan point out that Ted can't swim, and that he's "too big to run." I think we're supposed to think they're counting that against Ted, but since that would make him no threat in the immunity challenges, lacking those particular skills would really work in his favor. Helen and Clay then discuss someone -- we're to think it's Ted, but we don't hear his name, so for all we know they're having an intelligent discussion of Saddam Hussein -- that it's "his way or the highway," and "he ain't got a clue." Brian philosophizes in an interview that the most minute things escalate into big problems at this point in the game, "which is so interesting to [him]." Clay and Brian discuss how they need to get Ted on the jury, which will secure them through the end of the game. This conversation must have been filmed at least an episode earlier, since at this point it's clear Ted's already made the jury. Brian tells us in an interview that although he has an alliance with Ted, if it comes down to either him or Ted, he's looking out for "Good Old #1." And now I'm suddenly hungry for Chinese food. In any case, Clay tells Brian that if they play it cool, they'll march right into the final two.

Ted struggles with beaching the boat, while Jake peeks at him from the cave without offering to help. He voice-overs that he's looking for a Chuay Gahn member to bring to the Sook Jai side, but he doesn't know whom to trust. We see Clay tell Jake that although they love Ted, they're tired of listening to him, and his attitude is getting old. Jake pushes Clay to say that if he had to cast a vote today, he'd vote off Ted. Jake tells us in an interview that he just "got a sense" that the Chuay Gahn tribe was tired of Ted. That Jake is really good at sniffing out the obvious. Clay tells Jake that they were originally going to vote out Ken, but have since realized what a "good guy" he is. Which is exactly why they'd want to vote him out, so I have no idea why Jake is buying Clay's crap except out of sheer desperation. Ken struts down the beach, while Ted does yoga. Jake tells Clay that if they can get some kind of an alliance "cookin' right now," they will be able to handle things "systematically." I think Chuay Gahn is already quite capable of handling things "systematically"; it's just not the system of choice for Jake.

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