Dinner, Movie And A Betrayal

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Out in Africa

The immunity challenge set-up looks strikingly familiar to the fire-making challenge from Pulau Tiga. Peachy takes back the immunity dog collar from Ethan and tells the tribe that by now, they should all have learned the importance of fire. He say that after 26 days, the S8 should all know how to make fire, and that they're about to find out "who's the best" at it. I don't know why he thinks they should have learned this skill; they only had one night to attempt to make fire before it was given to them. He says they'll gather sticks and elephant dung, and put them in their individual fire circles. Using a magnifying glass and "the bright light of the sun," they'll attempt to create a fire with a flame high enough to light a wick, which will drop a bag, which raises a flag. The first person to raise their flag wins immunity, and a secure place in the final seven. Peachy points out that there is only one rule: none of the gathered material can touch any other part of the apparatus, including the wick. He reinforces, "Anything other than the fire will be disqualified." Do you think someone's materials will touch their wick? Because I don't.

Peachy sets the S8 to their task, and they start gathering their materials. Kimp takes an early lead, and looks very serious about winning this thing. Shots of different Mofo Maji members staring at their magnifying glasses alternate with shots of the hot sun. The S8 alternately blow on elephant dung. Peachy squats very close to Kimp as he watches her. Her fire ignites, and Peachy says, "There you go." I think he may have wanted her to succeed at this challenge, but squatting at such close proximity was probably more of a distraction than anything else. Oh, and I've almost entirely revised my opinion of Kimp. She just fell in with the wrong crowd at the beginning. Kimp starts to hallucinate from the flames as she converses with her fire. She encourages it to "come on, burn, burn, burn!" Frank and Lex Loser are keeping up with Kimp, but suddenly Peachy says Frank's branch touches the string, and he gets disqualified. His flag doesn't rise, but for some reason Kimp thinks she's already lost. She starts crying and falls over in anguish; Peachy has to scream at her repeatedly to "keep going" before she realizes she's not out of it yet. Still, she seems to have lost her momentum. Peachy explains again that the competitors can't let anything hit the wick, and Frank says he understands why he was disqualified. Kimp apparently thinks that staring at the fire will make it catch more quickly, and it doesn't look like Tom even has fire before Lex Loser's flag goes up. Kimp is very upset, and Teresa consoles her. Does Kimp think she's next to go, or maybe she doesn't want to vote Brandon off? Or is she just upset because Lex Loser won immunity? In any case, no one seems particularly happy for Lex Loser. Ethan hugs him, but isn't too enthused about it.

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