Dinner, Movie And A Betrayal

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Out in Africa

As they head off to Tribal Council on Day 27, Kimp angrily stomps ahead of the rest of Mofo Maji.. Ethan tells us that she is "a big question mark." He says she has a bond with Brandon, but that he screwed her over so badly in the last vote that she might be resentful. He knows they said they'd never vote against each other, but that he doesn't think that's a definite any longer. Ethan also says that he knows Frank "doesn't love Lex," and that the Samburu faction "smell[s] the final four" if they can get rid of Lex Loser. He says what scares him about Frank and Teresa is how close they could be to the final four if they make an agreement with Brandon.

The tribe marches into Magic Kingdom Africa, where it's a backstabbing world, after all. Peachy brings in Kelly, the first member of the jury, and as she walks past them, Ethan checks out her legs and Tom checks out her ass. Tom also looks a little guilty, but not for looking at Kelly's butt. Incidentally, there was not -- as there has been with past Survivors -- an explosion in the cosmetics section at CVS; Kelly looks natural and pretty. Peachy explains to the tribe that one person from Mofo Maji will join Kelly after the night's vote. He explains that Kelly is there only to observe, because "ultimately the jury will have the last say, and they will make the final vote to determine who gets the million dollars and the title of Survivor."

Peachy pokes at their weak spots with his questions. Ethan thinks "confidence" is the overriding quality in getting far on Survivor. Peachy asks whether Brandon looks at the game in terms of morality and ethics or in terms of determining how far he can push the rules. Brandon exclaims, "Yeah!" which doesn't exactly answer the question. He then explains that he wouldn't do anything "like, amoral or, you know, disgusting, or anything like that." I'm amazed that they didn't pan to Frank's face when he says this. Brandon finishes up by insisting that it's a game; he came to have a good time, and he has. Kimp looks sad. Peachy asks Tom the same question so I guess he didn't get the answer he wanted. Much as it was for Brandon, the question is too big for Big Tom, who answers, "All of the above" to what is basically a yes or no question. He says you have to keep your beliefs in check, and also check the beliefs of your "compadres" to see if they've changed. He says he can't dwell on these things, because he can't change them. Peachy asks what else there is to do in Africa besides obsess over the game. They all laugh, and Tom exclaims, "Well, Lord have mercy! I've had to warsh these women. I've got...I've had responsibilities! I've gotta dance. I gotta sing. It's a pretty lively bunch!" Frank says that trust is important and hard to come by, "but when you do find it, it means an awful lot." Lex also thinks the biggest factor in the game is trust; he says that's what he most takes into consideration "when voting with [his] gut." Peachy questions Lex's gut, and Lex responds, "My gut still doesn't lie, and my gut is still pretty damn accurate." Lex has some problems with his gut. He and his gut should seek counseling. Kimj insists that she votes against people because they're not nice; she says she votes based on whom she's comfortable with, and whom she'd respect in the final two. Like Lex Loser, she goes on her gut. Finally, Kimp reveals that her biggest weakness during Survivor is that she builds relationships with people, trusts them, and foolishly thinks those relationships are independent of strategy within the game. She says she's naïve and Brandon barely keeps from rolling his eyes during this. Okay, so he kind of sort of does roll his eyes, but I do believe he's sad about what happened between him and Kimp, and that the eye rolling is an unfortunate reflex.

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