Dinner, Movie And A Betrayal

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Out in Africa

Lex Loser votes for Frank and calls him "rude, grouchy, and a poor sport." He says Frank has been insufferable; the bottom line is that he's a "real downer," and Lex Loser can't wait to see him gone. Kimp votes for Brandon, and doesn't know what to say. She thinks it's a shame that it came to this but she can't trust him, and she's not even sure if they're friends.

That's all we see before Peachy skips off to tally the votes. I didn't ever get the impression that Just Peachy disliked Brandon, but I do believe he's suppressing a smirk here. The first two votes are for Brandon; the third is for Frank; two more for Brandon; one more for Frank; and then the deciding vote: Brandon. As he gathers his belongings, Brandon smiles and reminds the others that they have only twelve days left, that they should have fun. Kimp narrows her eyes, and Frank shows no emotion. Tom says, "See you, Sugarbear." Hee. Peachy concludes that the game is getting tricky, and then sends them back to camp.

Next week on Survivor, Lex Loser is in "the hot seat." Of course, seeing how devilish he is, he probably likes it there. Also, Tom gets creepy with the girls and -- surprise! -- Frank is politically incorrect.

As the credits roll, we see how the voting panned out: both Brandon and Lex Loser cast votes for Frank while everyone else voted for Brandon. A chipper Brandon tell us he can't believe he made it that far in the game because he's never before slept on the ground. He doesn't hold anything against anyone, and he only regrets the deterioration of his relationship with Kimp. He feels like he won, but I bet he'd feel even more victorious if Caroline Rhea stayed on with Sabrina and let him assume his birthright: Rosie!

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