Dinner, Movie And A Betrayal

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Out in Africa

Horror-movie-style music plays as Tom lies on his back squeezing something nasty that's growing on his neck. Based on the way he's extending his tongue, he also may be trying to lick it. Ethan tells us that Tom has "a massive boil," and he's unable to stop looking at it; we see a shot of Ethan with his nose wedged into Tom's neck. Tom says it feels like "having a damn horn coming out of your neck," and Ethan describes the growth as "like third eye, extra brain, I don't know." He says he can't look Tom in the eyes, and keeps looking at his neck instead. As Ethan tells us he's never seen a boil that big, a clip reveals him sneaking another look at Tom's neck while Tom pretends to look away. In a confessional, Tom tells us that he's seen all the African beasts, and "most of the animals that are fit and strong usually have a horn." He points to rhinos and antelopes to illustrate his point, but we see a shot of a giraffe. Tom concludes, "So I'm growin' a horn to fight off the beast that comes...and mainly, it's comin' from inside the camp." Tom then goofs around, pretending to have horns and making animal-with-horn noises while the other members of the tribe watch with amusement. Lex Loser thinks the boil is making Tom crazy. If it's infected, it certainly could induce delirium. But Tom's a bit delirious anyway, so we can't blame an infected boil -- not even a nasty, infected boil like that one. Kimj touches the growth, and then Brandon applies some kind of medicine to it. Tom explains, "When you got sumpin' like this, they just can't keep their hands off it!" This statement is followed by numerous shots of the S8 examining and poking at Tom's neck. Brandon tells us that Tom also had a growth under his arm two weeks ago, and he squeezed it; it popped, and "tons of stuff seeped out." He says it would have filled up a shot glass. Tom then pretends to pull a twig out of his nose while feigning discomfort and I can't figure out what that has to do with the shot-glass-filling pustule on his neck. But we don't leave the boil alone for long, because the next shot is a close-up of the festering abscess; if I were to play Ethan's "identify the extra body part" game, I'd say it looked like a pair of lips. Tom tells us that "women like to squeeze and cause pain to men," because it's a way for them to get revenge. He concludes, "Some things you want 'em to touch, they won't. Some things you don't want 'em to touch, they will."

Ethan and Frank fetch the mail, which contains a clue about strength, ability, and brains. I'd say our S8 are out of luck. The reward is an "evening getaway," and they should "each choose a friend" with whom to compete in the challenge. The clue is not very cryptic, and recycles the "outwit, outlast, and outplay" part of the show's motto. Back at camp, the tribe deliberates as to how to pair up fairly. Lex Loser thinks that if they start choosing teams, "it's gonna get uglier than it already is," and no one pulls a Jerri. They decide to choose from a hat, and Kimj is happy to end up on the same team as Ethan; Ethan feigns the same excitement. Actually, Kimj should be scared to be on Ethan's team. Impulsive clumsiness may be hazardous to the health of those around you. Tom and Kimp are another team, and they dub themselves "Big Bear/Little Bear." The last two teams are Teresa and Lex Loser, and Brandon and Frank. Mark Burnett's good, I tell you. He's even bribed their baseball caps. The tribe thinks the Brandon/Frank pairing is hysterical, but if they knew the truth about Teresa's vote for Lex Loser two councils back, they'd double their fun.

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