Dinner, Movie And A Betrayal

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Out in Africa

Blues music plays as Frank tells us, "Believe me, I did not pick Brandon." He says that Brandon would be the last person on earth he would select for a partner, and that "big old Tom got a big bellyful on this one." Meanwhile, Brandon coquettishly drinks water. Who even knew that was possible? In a confessional, Tom tells us that Frank's "disposition is about eighty years old." He says if he were Brandon, he couldn't have thought of a more tortuous thing to do to Frank than to partner with him. Tom is gleefully amused, and dances around over the odd pairing. Brandon tells us in a confessional that he and Frank are "polar opposites," and that if they lived next door to each other, they'd never exchange words. Well, my life was the polar opposite of my key-losing, tool-stealing, held-hostage-by- her-drug-dealing-ex-boyfriend former neighbor, but we had our fair share of verbal repartee. Actually, that's not exactly true; mostly we turned out the lights and hid when we saw her sitting on our front porch at four in the morning. Ah, Baltimore. Visit soon, hon.

In any case, Tom tells us that he and Kimp are partnered, but that they haven't interacted with each other very much in the game so far. We see them bonding and being very chatty. Ah, shades of Elisabeth and Rodger. Tom continues, "If it's physical, we're gonna win. But if it's anything mental, we're screwed." Kimp and Tom goof off. Kimp encourages Tom to follow her lead as she does a cartwheel and he does nothing remotely resembling a cartwheel. He does jive walk, though, which is worth about fifteen cartwheels in my book. Maybe even a front handspring. Back handsprings are trump, though. The two look like they're having fun together, and it's good to see Kimp loosen up. She tells us in a confessional that it's hard for her to differentiate between playing the game strategically and forging relationships with the other members of Mofo Maji. As they both jive walk, Tom says, "We bad!" They decide they need a team name, and Tom comes up with "Big & Little." Tom feels the need to reinforce to Kimp, "You Little. You Little." Then, they bop fists. Kimp tells us that Big Tom is a good person, and she's excited to be paired up with him. Plus, he's big and strong so they might have a chance to win the challenge. Tom continues teasing Frank about being teamed with Brandon. Frank laughs it off and shakes his head, but clearly he is not all that amused. Now Tom has his arm around Kimp, and they're marching in tandem. Kimp looks over her shoulder, crosses her fingers, and insists, "We're like this." I suppose this clip is supposed to highlight for us how far from being "like this" Brandon and Frank are. I guess the proper description would be that they're "like that." Frank tells us it's funny to see everyone else matched up, but that in being partnered with Brandon, his "camping trip just went to hell, that's all." As he says this, we see yet another shot of Brandon batting his eyelashes and smiling prettily.

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