Dinner, Movie And A Betrayal

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Out in Africa

And now, the final heat. Peachy announces that the "winners are goin' to the movies Survivor-style." Triumphant music plays throughout the race, which is strange because they usually save the melodrama for the end of the challenge. Brandon yells at Frank the entire time. He's lagging behind, but he still keeps yelling at Frank. When I yell while exercising (which I really don't unless someone changes the TV station at the gym), it makes it hard to breathe. In any case, the sidelined Survivors -- particularly Teresa and Kimp -- are cracking up over Brandon's bossiness. Kimj has mud in her face, and it looks like she might have given up, but then it turns out she's ahead of Ethan. Of course, he's probably tired from carrying her, or from the spontaneously propulsive falling bouts. This challenge is impossible to follow: it's hard to tell whether the teams are even close, and then Frank and Brandon are suddenly finished. Frank turns around to congratulate Brandon, and they do one of those clasp hands/half-hug macho guy gestures. Brandon yells, "I've got a date with Frank!" and then Teresa hugs them both as happy music plays. Ethan and Kimj hustle through the finish line.

Two words: How High. One word: how?

Frank's elephant dance music plays as the tribe walks back to camp, and Brandon and Frank head off on their movie date. Lex Loser exclaims, "I never thought I'd see the day when Brandon would be Frank's taskmaster." They joke that Brandon had a whip on Frank, and it shocked them. The tribe speculates that the winners will get hamburgers and hot dogs in addition to the candy and popcorn and movie.

We then join Frank and Brandon as Peachy announces, "This is your mecca!" He points out the projector and says they'll be watching Out of Africa. I've never seen that movie, but I'd be bummed. It just seems slow. Don't send me hate mail if you love this movie. And just so you really hate me, I also refuse to see Titanic and The English Patient. Peachy points out the candy, hot dogs, and chips, and tells Frank and Brandon to "gorge, feast, and do whatever you want." He says they'll start the movie when the sun goes down. As they feast, Frank says he feels guilty eating so much food; Brandon says, "Me, too. Can't you tell?" The cameraman must have a condiment fetish, because there are lots of shots of hot dogs being attended to.

Back at Mofo Maji camp, the tribe continues to discuss the irony of Frank's and Brandon's pairing. Kimj thinks "it's the beginning of something really big and permanent." Tom calls the experience "a night to remember," and hopes it's moonlit. Then they make all kinds of not-funny jokes about "hands-on participation" and "[finding] their rhythm together."

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