Dinner, Movie And A Betrayal

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Out in Africa

And, on second thought, it doesn't appear that the cameraman has a condiment fetish; he has a plain old hot dog fetish. Now we see multiple shots of hot dogs being stuffed in mouths; at Mofo Maji, they regress to whip-cracking jokes. Tom says he's waiting for Frank to walk back to camp any minute and say, "That crazy movie. It ain't even an army movie!" Hee.

As they watch the movie, Frank looks over at Brandon grinning. They appear to be conversing and getting along, but we don't hear much of what they're saying. They're both happily wiggling their feet around. Frank tells us that seeing Out of Africa in Africa was unbelievable. He then says that Brandon's a competitor, and discounts the fact that he made physical contact with him in a high-five as being "in the spirit of victory." He continues, "Still doesn't mean that I'd go to coffee with him." Frank says that winning the challenge with Brandon didn't change anything their situation: he's still "old-fashioned and...don't even go there." Brandon, who can roll his eyes at a handful of popcorn, then tells us that in his "real life," he'd never be around Frank. He says that Frank is abrasive and cold and doesn't really have a warm side to "offset his, um, less than charming personality. Ahem." Frank tells us he accepts the cards he's dealt, and that sharing the reward with Brandon was "difficult for [him] personally," but that all they had to do was watch the movie. We see clip of them exchanging Twizzlers, and then there's Robert Redford. Frank says, "We simply had popcorn; we had pop. We watched a movie. It's history. It's over with. Let's move forward." But really, they look like they're enjoying each other's company. As the camera pans away, Frank jokingly admonishes Brandon to "quit eatin' all the white ones!" Brandon says, "Are there really no more?" And Frank says, "Nah, they're gone. You ate 'em all." Brandon then calls Frank a liar, because he saw Frank eat some of them. Hee.

At Mofo Maji on Day 26, Lex Loser tells us that Brandon's place in the tribe has become complicated. He points out again that Brandon saved their skin, but Ethan and Tom don't trust him; he says the members of the Boran alliance have discussed voting Brandon out next, and he doesn't know if he can do that. Ethan and Lex Loser have a conversation about Brandon, and Ethan shitmouths, "Is your word just your word or does your word have a different level of words?" He wants to know if Lex Loser's commitment to Brandon is as strong as his commitment to the Boran alliance. Lex Loser explains that he's in it with the Boran members until the end of the game, but then Ethan then wants to know how far Lex Loser's commitment to Brandon goes. Lex Loser explains that he's committed to Brandon until the others vote him off. Tom walks by, and for some reason Lex Loser and Ethan clam up and look guilty. Tom tells us, "The big boy can smell a rat. How did Lex and Brandon get so tight all of a sudden?" Shot of some tight monkeys. They're not piggybacking monkeys -- quite the opposite, actually. Tom says that if it comes down to a conflict with Lex Loser, he'll have to go against "tribal boundaries" to get more votes for himself. He has a lot of trouble saying "tribal boundaries." Frank and Tom gather firewood together, and Frank insists that Brandon will go down before he does. In a confessional, Frank tells us that he likes Tom because he reminds him of "back home." He says they're similar, because they're both "slow" and "firm" and like to get things get done. He also says neither of them values political correctness, and that they're both men of action and should have met each other on the first day. He respects Tom's original Boran alliance, but thinks Tom is growing uneasy with "Lex's recruitment of Brandon right next to his side." Frank concludes, "People are changin' their mind like they're changin' their underwear." We see a shot of Brandon looking down, and Kimp looking angry, but not a shot of someone changing their underwear.

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