Dinner, Movie And A Betrayal

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Out in Africa

Brandon tries to explain to Kimp that he decided to vote for Kelly because she was "doubletalkin'." Kimp argues that the other members of Samburu would never have voted against Lex if they had known Brandon's intentions. Brandon lies that he changed his mind on the way to the council, and insists that there was no way he could have said anything. Kimp's not having it: she says she doesn't care if Lex Loser was watching, and that Brandon owed her an explanation because he was her friend. Brandon insists he is her friend. They check the treemail together, and Brandon Jacks, "Matches. Something to do with fire." I'd like to see a Karen-type out here. As they walk back to Mofo Maji, Brandon tells Kimp to vote against him in the next Tribal Council because he can't take her talking against him. He says she's the only one out there in Africa that he cares about, and that she's still his friend and will be so forever. Through tears, she says she appreciates that. Neither mentions the bonds and healing powers of matching bead necklaces.

The clue is about earth, wind, and fire. Earth, Wind and Fire has a song called "Mighty Mighty." Shout-out? In any case, the clue cites these as the three elements necessary to winning the game. Given that they all have the same access to the earth, and that wind is fairly indiscriminate, I don't really understand what the clue is blathering on about. Not that I ever do. Lex tells us that the immunity challenge feels very important to him; he's the most vulnerable person in the tribe, because as far as he knows, he has the most votes against him. He'll do everything he can to win. We see another shot of Frank picking at his socks. Did he do nothing else in Africa? Can't the editors find a more suggestive clip to show repeatedly? Or perhaps we're supposed to think, "Poor, feeble-minded Frank over there, just minding his own business and picking at his socks." Kimp tells us that immunity will be a big part of how the game proceeds; she says that a lot of people want to vote off Brandon, and Teresa still thinks they can possibly vote out Lex. She says it's going to be a very interesting immunity challenge.

I don't know who Tim Horton is, but he wishes my loved ones and me a happy holiday. And what is Blue Murder? ["For those Americans who care, Tim Horton was a hockey player who is now deceased; before he died, he founded a chain of donut shops that still bear his name. There are some in upstate New York and elsewhere in the U.S. And Blue Murder is a crappy Canadian rip-off of NYPD Blue, set in Toronto. Even Canadians don't watch it." -- Wing Chun]

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