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Bye Bye, Billy

Meanwhile, Yul pulls out the clue, which clarifies that Jonathan was right last week about "top grade" referring to an A. More specifically, you use your view of another island to make the crossbar of the A, and then there's that bit again about standing so as to make the south island disappear. Yul shows us how he lines himself up so that the island behind the inverted-V mast appears to make a capital A, and then he walks up and down until the southern island disappears from view. He makes a mark in the sand with his machete and starts to dig. Without much to do, of course, he has some time to devote to this project.

Yul is quite persistent, ultimately digging a hole probably three feet across and a couple of feet deep. As he expands it horizontally, at its edge, only about halfway down the side, he finally feels something. "Holy cow," he says. "Oh, mama," he adds, and he pulls out a little package all wrapped up in paper made of hope. "," he says, and then he laughs delightfully, a little chuckle, like, "What the fuck?" I love that chuckle. He opens the little box. It turns out that the immunity idol is a compass, which is pretty cool, but not so much an "idol" as a "tool." I guess "immunity tool" makes it sound too much like you're talking about Probst. The immunity tool comes with instructions. They're much clearer this year about the idol being good up to and including the F4 tribal council, and there are also more specific instructions about the fact that you can give it to someone else, but you have to do it before you leave the beach for tribal council, and you can't transfer it while you're there. It also says -- note well -- "The immunity idol cannot be stolen from you." Meaning that possession passes through official channels only -- you find it, or you officially transfer it. No findsies. It also means you probably can't steal it back if you give it to someone and they're supposed to give it back to you and they don't. In other words, if you make a deal to transfer it to someone else, and if they're supposed to transfer it back to you if they don't need it, then you'd better trust them, because if they decide to keep it, they keep it. There is also a reference to restrictions on the use of "any immunity idol," providing some suggestion that there may eventually be more than one. In an interview, Yul calls this "probably the biggest single stroke of luck [he] could have had." Yeah, that and the stupidity of the people who sent you to the island instead of, say, Parvati.

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