Dire Straits And Dead Weight

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Bye Bye, Billy

At Aitu, Cecilia is telling J.P. that she feels bad about Billy walking around like "a zombie." "I feel bad," she says. "You don't feel bad?" He shrugs. I don't think sympathy is a big emotion with J.P. He tells Cecilia that Billy is "not trustworthy." She looks dubious. I have to say, since I don't favor the ladies, I don't always notice as much as others might, but Cecilia is gorgeous, dude. And she's not giant-teeth-big-dead-eyes "pretty" in the way they usually favor, either. She looks like she eats protein, which supplies vitamins, which keep her hair shiny and her cheeks from hollowing out, and which cause her to have strong bones you can't count from a distance of fifty yards.

Billy and Cristina have a talk in which he talks about how he's just sure that the guys threw the challenge and "played [him] for a patsy." Cristina confirms that that's exactly what happened. He also tells Cristina that when he's gone, she's next. Which is, I suspect, entirely true, depending on what Cecelia decides. Billy tells Cristina she'd better hope they don't throw another challenge to get rid of her. She smiles kindly, because I thinks she knows that he's basically right, but she doesn't know what to do about it. Making waves is so hard when you have the option of just keeping your head down and using the "as long as it's not me" rule. Billy interviews that getting help from Cristina is pretty much his only option right now. He says he's pretty sure that she understood what he was telling her. "It flies with her; she understands it." As we will soon learn, Billy has a particular talent for interpreting women's thoughts. Cristina tells Billy she doesn't trust Ozzy in the slightest. In an interview, Cristina confirms that she sees Ozzy as the big threat at this point. "I'm going to talk to Cece," she tells Billy. Intrigue!

Later, as Ozzy and J.P. are studding around getting coconuts to fall out of trees and wondering whether it makes their dicks look bigger ("Do you think so, dude?" "Oh, I totally think so"), Cristina asks Cecilia, in Spanish, if she has a deal with Ozzy. Cecilia responds, also in Spanish, that she doesn't, and then she says, "No, girl. We're on the same page." Heh. Cecilia recalls this discussion in an interview, making note of the fact that the question was in Spanish. There were varying views on the boards from people more knowledgeable than I about why Cristina might have done it in Spanish -- everything from she felt like it, to a hope that the guys wouldn't understand her, to the idea that it was a way of forming or cementing a bond or communicating that she could be trusted. It's interesting in any event. Cecilia also notes, rather perceptively, that Cristina is used to working with partners in her job, so she may be trying to build one of those absolute-trust relationships. That is an interesting catch, and not without merit. Cecilia assures us that she is, no kidding, being honest with Cristina. I would love to see those two team up. I like them both, and they're stuck on a team with jerkweeds I can't stand. Cecilia tells Cristina that whatever Cristina decides to do, she's fine with it.

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