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Matsing. Immediately after Tribal Council. Russell tells the others that he was worried he was going to be voted out, and no one denies it. Russell interviews that he knows his chief-like actions annoyed the others, so his strategy now is to step back and let the others win or lose on their own. Didn't he say he was going to do that before? I don't know if he's capable of doing that. Malcolm's solution to the whole business is to avoid going to Tribal Council again. Seems like a good plan, although as with Russell, I don't know if they'll be able to follow through.

That night, the Matsing members are sleeping on their really uncomfortable looking shelter floor. Angie cuddles up to Malcolm, and it honestly does look innocent, or at least mostly innocent. I mean, they both have their faces covered up and all hands are on deck, so to speak. Angie interviews that it was just for warmth, and Malcolm interviews that he keeps reminding himself not to get "booty blinded." So I guess it's more innocent for Angie than Malcolm. It seems like on other seasons, the whole tribe just slept in a heap and there were all kinds of snuggling going on. Roxy wakes up and sees what's going on, and describes it in an interview as "full-on cuddling" and decides that Angie has set "literally a booby trap." You can tell she's really proud of herself for that line. Anyway, Roxy doesn't want to see a couple for strategic purposes, and she declares that they need to vote one of those two out.

Tandang. The tribe is trying to keep their things dry in the face of frequent rainstorms. RC sticks her hand in the bag of rice to see if it's getting moldy and finds the Hidden Immunity clue, but Lisa is right there, so RC can't do anything about it. Finally, Lisa wanders off and RC digs out the clue. Abi walks up and sees RC digging in the rice, and RC tells her to meet her by the well and she'll show her. They meet up and read the clue together. It's not really clear if Abi busted RC or what. It seems like she did. Abi and RC agree to keep the existence of the clue a secret. RC interviews that she hopes sharing the clue is proof that their alliance is strong. It's also proof that Abi busted you and you really had no choice, though, right? Abi interviews that she did totally bust RC finding the clue, and that she still feels like she needs to be careful.

Cut to RC and Skupin on the beach. Skupin has a new cut and RC is examining it. Abi is swimming and creepily watching them, and she stalks up and demands to know what they were talking about. RC and Skupin claim that they were talking about the rain, and it seems like they were, but Abi isn't buying it, and vows in an interview that if RC screws her over, she's dead to Abi. Cut to Abi and RC alone on the beach, and Abi is just laying into RC about how close she is getting to Mike. RC's defense is that she likes Mike and she likes talking to him. Abi accuses RC of changing conversations when people join her and Mike, which is an obvious sign that they're talking strategy. RC insists again that she's being loyal to Abi, and Abi has no proof that's not true. Abi very sternly says that if RC fucks her over, they're done. I think Abi thinks she's on Real Housewives of Philippines because who talks like that on day four? RC rolls her eyes and is obviously wondering about the wisdom of forming an alliance with a crazy person that she only knew for half a day.

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