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Over at Kalabaw, Jeff Kent admits that the constant rain is getting to him, but he played a long season in baseball, and he knows it's going to take stamina to make it to the end of this season. He also knows that more rain means more time for him to sit around and let his knee heal. The entire tribe sits in their shelter and they decide to create a makeshift checkerboard to pass the time. Penner watches them and then interviews that the constant rain means that everyone just hangs out in the shelter, which is really affecting his ability to search for the Idol, which the clue said was right under their noses. It's kind of killing me that Penner is hanging out shirtless with a sweater or something tied around his neck like he's in the Hamptons.

Moments later, the members of the Kalabaw tribe decide to head to a nearby cave to try to get out of the rain. Penner claims that he wants to go for a swim, but instead uses the free time to dig around under the shelter, on the beach, and everywhere else, looking for the Idol. I like Penner and I think he's handsome, but I don't know that I needed the close-up shots of his butt in his soaking wet boxer shorts, thanks very much. As Penner continues to dig under the shelter, Dawson runs into camp and asks what he's looking for. Penner lies and says that he lost his contact lens in the rain so he was looking for his glasses, which he knows is a terrible story. We don't hear his tribe's reaction to that story, although we already know they think he's spending his free time looking for an Idol.

And it's about to pay off as Penner explains that he thought back to how he found the clue in the rice and remembered that there's a wooden bolt on top of the rice basket. So he pries it off and guess what? It's the Idol! Won't someone notice that the bolt is gone? That seems like a terrible Idol. Isn't half of the fun of the Idol when people don't know for sure who has it, if anyone, and have to try to strategize their voting around it? Anyway, Penner is elated that he actually found it, and while he admits that it's not a free pass to the finals, it will help. He runs out of camp yelling, "I'm on fire!" and passes Dana, who doesn't even flinch. I don't get what the rest of his tribe thinks. Do they know he has the Idol and they don't care? That was weird.

Over at Matsing, Roxy is still pissed that Malcolm and Andrea are cuddling at night. It seriously is so innocuous; maybe an arm around a shoulder or a leg slung over another. I do get why Roxy might think it's a threat, but she seems to be blowing it out of proportion, especially before an Immunity Challenge. Maybe wait until you lose a challenge, and THEN bring it up when everyone is casting about for a reason to eliminate someone. Anyway, Roxy goes to Russell and tells him her rationale: that they need to break up a strong couple and the tribe needs Malcolm more than it needs Angie. Russell interviews that Angie's got nice boobs but Malcolm needs to resist temptation. I get why the tribe wants to keep Malcolm around for challenges, but it kind of bugs me that they're all framing this with Angie as the temptress and Malcolm as the typical guy who can't help himself. That whole trope is gross. Also weird is the new night vision cameras (or maybe it's a function of it being almost light outside during filming) where the pictures are a weird sepia tone, so all of the shots of Malcolm and Angie flirting look like an Instagram filter has been applied.

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